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Review of Tocca Bianca Candle

Casa Beta: Tocca Bianca Candle

If you've read any of my past candle reviews, you probably know that as much as I'm a candle fanatic, I'm also quite picky about what I light up in my home. The latest candle to come under my scrutiny is Tocca's Bianca Candle ($38). I've had good experiences with the luxury brand's beauty products in the past, but had never tried Tocca home fragrances.

To begin, let's just say that Bianca had me at hello. The 10.6-oz. candle is elegantly packaged in a Tiffany-blue box with the brand's chic, gilded logo. The candle itself arrives in a luxe, milk-white glass vessel, which suits any interior and can be reused with tea lights or even as a small vase. In other words, the packaging is perfection.

Now, on to the scent . . . Bianca's primary notes are of green tea, lemon, and a dash of sugar. It smells herbal with a subtle sweetness, but it's not overwhelming or heavy. It has a truly beautiful fragrance that's light, airy, and transitional. It's perfect year-round, for daytime and evening occasions, but I see myself mostly pairing with a long bath, a cup of tea, a good book, and maybe a glass of red wine.


The candle has a 60-hour approximate burning time, which ranks up there with the best of them. Anything burning over 40 hours gets a high five from me. As single wick candles tend to do, if at the end this one burns too deeply, it'll be a perfect contender to be salvaged in such a beautiful jar. But mind you, this one's made of paraffin wax, so it's not as eco-friendly as its soy-wax counterparts. As for the price, this one is no bargain; I do have some favorites that clock in around $15-$30. But the scent is elegant and understated, so it's a foolproof alternative to pricier Dipytque candles, which cost an arm and a leg at $60.

You can check out a range of Tocca's other scents at Sephora, if you want to sniff before you buy! I'm excited to try more Tocca scents; I think I may be on my way to finding my favorite!

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