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Rob and Cortney Novogratz Decorating Tips

Rob and Cortney Novogratz Share Tips on a Chic Home, Sourcing Art, and Re-Creating Looks From the Show!

One of my favorite home design shows this year has been Rob and Cortney Novogratz's new series Home by Novogratz, which airs Saturday nights at 10/9 central on HGTV. While I loved their Bravo series 9 by Design, their new series for HGTV offers oodles more direction and tips for decorating and renovating your home. And since most of us can't afford this creative duo's services, it's nice to get a decorating crib sheet from the show.


The Novogratzs also seem to enjoy the way that working with limited funds on the projects featured on Home by Novogratz have sparked their creativity. "It's been a challenge to find cool, unique pieces with small budgets," Rob and Cortney explained in a recent interview. "We tried to explain where, in a renovation, it is worth it to spend the bigger part of the budget, and how you can achieve all sorts of stylish looks with very little money. For us, being chic is never about spending a lot."

When I got in touch with Rob and Cortney about an interview, I asked them if they'd be willing to share some of their tips for chic and inexpensive decorating. They were happy to provide CasaSugar readers with some of their ideas — take a look!


On re-creating looks from the show:

  • "Turn family photos into wallpaper, or just arrange them on a wall for a stunning look."
  • Try carpet tiles in your home as an alternative. It is a relatively inexpensive way to make a bold statement and practical, too, since you can pull one up if it gets stained and replace it."
  • "We love to mix patterns and textures, and try different things that you just aren’t expecting such as using vintage letters as a focal point in a room, applying blackboard paint on a ceiling, and even covering a wall in graffiti as an art statement."

On sourcing beautiful, inexpensive art:

  • "You can find art anywhere. Frame a poster, frame a photograph, our daughters collect portraits of women they find at flea markets. We met an artist Jan Eleni, who took all of our kids’ art projects, shrunk them down to business-card size, then made a framed artwork from all of them. Go to an art fair near your home, a tag sale, or make your own art!"

Keep reading to find out where Cortney and Rob Novogratz recommend you should splurge and save. On when and where to splurge:

  • "Cortney always says, the couch! That is something you will have for a long time, and it should be classic and well-made, and come with a washable cover. Also appliances. You don’t really want to skimp there, because well-made appliances will also last for a long time. What will be most important to you in the long run? Do you want to buy a valuable piece of art or an expensive carpet, because it will always be something you will have? People have to decide what is worth it for them to invest in and spend their budget there."


On where to save:

  • "Accessories are an inexpensive way to make a room really special."
  • "You can go to to stores like Ikea and find something well-designed and inexpensive, then buy some spray paint and make it your own."
  • "You can take a piece of furniture you already own or got from a relative or friend and repurpose it with a coat of paint."
  • "There are a million things you can try to spruce up your home that are fun and inexpensive and unique."

On how to mix things up in your home this Fall:

  • "Take chances. Try something new. If you don’t like it, you can change it!"


On what's coming up for them this Fall:

  • "In particular we're excited to be partnering with Bounty again for another classroom makeover. As parents, we love the challenge and gratification of making a positive difference in children’s lives, a common goal we share with Bounty. We'll be working on the $25,000 classroom makeover this fall and can't wait to share our new renovation with you, stay tuned! Teachers can sign up for a chance to win the $25,000 makeover at Teacher Wish List."


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