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The First Day of Our Lives: A Robot-Inspired Wedding

Here's a post from CasaSugar Community member Girlrobot from the Lovely Little Vignettes group:

When we first started planning our wedding over two years ago there were three things that were important to us: that the wedding was a representation of us, that our guests had fun, and that it fit under our budget! Luckily, with the help of our friends and family, we were able to accomplish all three. We still have friends that tell us how great our wedding was to this day!

Our wedding was held outdoors in a beautiful Japanese garden in Los Angeles. The day turned out to be perfect, sunny and beautiful. But in case it got a little too warm, our programs doubled as fans for the guests.

Want to see more of Girlrobot's wedding décor?

I was so lucky to have my sister and aunts help me with all of the bouquets and flower decorations for the ceremony and reception. It saved me a bundle and it all looked so beautiful.


My sister also decorated our cake for us. Those little flowers were handmade by her and 100% edible! The simple design was totally us and the colors of the ribbon and flowers matched our color scheme perfectly.

When guests first walked into our reception, they were greeted with a table full of escort cards that also doubled as raffle tickets. One side listed their name and table number and the other side could be torn off to be put in a choice of three jars for a raffle that would be held later that evening. The gifts were a $100 Target gift card, a Canon digital camera, and an iPod Touch! We tried to have a mix of prizes that would appeal to all ages.

We also created a giant crossword puzzle with clues about the groom, the bride, and about our relationship. We included clues from different stages of our lives so that each guest would be able to answer some of the questions but not all. Our guests had fun filling this out together before the reception officially started.

We created our own custom Jones soda labels since we are big soda drinkers. We created 5 different bottles, each with a different picture of us. On the back side there was a fun fact about us that we thought people might not know about us. If people looked closely, there were tiny details about our relationship throughout the bottle (the bar code numbers were our wedding date, etc.).

We also created buttons that said "Better Together" on them with pictures of things that go well together. The button in the middle with the robots is a nod to my love of robots and how our online aliases are Girlrobot and Boyrobot. Many of our guests loved them and wore their buttons throughout the evening.

Since we are big music lovers we had to create our own mix CDs for the guests. It included some songs from the night and some songs that were meaningful to us during our relationship. The images were laser-etched onto the cd using LightScribe and just looked so neat!

Lastly, our wedding was very media-heavy. We made a very creative grand entrance video that included the groom running throughout the city trying to make the wedding on time, a slideshow, and finally this first dance video. We were nervous about dancing in front of everybody since we are not big dancers so my brother helped us create this stop motion video to play in the background. It was the hit of the wedding!

All pictures are by Caroline Tran. More can be seen at

Start sharing your big day with our community. Just head to the Lovely Little Vignettes group, click "new post," and check the wedding content box.

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