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Room Therapy: Has Anyone Used Rust-Oleum on Their Counters?

Dear Casa,

I just recently moved into a house and am excited about making it "my own." The problem is I'm broke. The house is old and I've already made peace with the fact that I'm going to have to live with some things (such as the horrendous '70s-era orange countertops in the kitchen) for the next few years until I can afford to replace them. But then today, while researching inexpensive options for refinishing my tacky gold light fixtures, I stumbled across this, a paint made just for countertops! Can it be?!

The product claims to be simple and effective (and the video-demo shows this to be true, ha) but it sounds suspiciously too good to be true. I do not want to get my hopes up if this product is really just crap. I was wondering if you knew anyone that had used this product with success or if I'm headed towards a horror story?



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Hi Rainey,

I haven't personally tried this product, but I found this blog post from a homeowner who used this product on her counters. The results, at least from this picture, look great, and she says she's very happy with the results.


However, on the blog Tattered Hydrangeas, multiple readers commented that the paint doesn't hold up well at all. Perhaps if you used a sealant on it, it would be more wear-resistant. However, these users seem to think that one should proceed with caution.

Has anyone else used this product? Have you tried to paint your countertops with other products? What were your results? Leave your thoughts about the experience in the comments.

Good luck!

akholden akholden 6 years
@srod: have you coated with polyurethane yet? How did that work? what kind did you use (oil based or water based?) Sorry for the multiple questions but we are planning on doing the same after we use the Countertop paint and are hoping to hear rave reviews! :)
srod srod 6 years
Sorry if this posts twice I painted my galley kitchen with Rustoleum one-step countertop paint. It's true, with minimal expense and effort, this is a terrific product. For me, purchasing new countertops wasn't an option. It would have been too expensive to fit the strange shape of my countertops. So, I threw down $25 and an entire weekend to transform my ugly speckled 1960's countertops. Look beautiful now! One drawback though...they do scratch like paint would. No surprise, but I've got 3 kids so I need something more durable. So this week I am going to roll on a few coats of polyurethane to give it some extra protection. I truly think this product is worth the money. But for peace of mind, spend the extra $11 for the poly just to be safe. ;o)
Rainey-4-Pres Rainey-4-Pres 8 years
Thanks everybody! After browsing the links Casa gave and reading everyone's thoughts, I think I'm going to give it a shot. Except I'm going to add the extra step of also applying a sealant. I figure that my counters are just so ugly now, I've really got nothing to loose, haha. Cross your fingers for me! And I will keep you posted : )
Akasha Akasha 8 years
I don't know about this particular product, but I have used some of the other Rust•oleum products. While they are good they aren't a easy as they claim to be. I used the magnetic and chalkboard paints on my kitchen cabinets, and even though I cleans and sanded the heck out of them and put the paint on as directed, the streaks from apply the paints were almost impossible to get rid of. I ended up taking a very soft sander to the paint and finally got them the way they were supposed to be. It turned out great but was quite a bit more work than the video claimed.
deanna024 deanna024 8 years
Another cheap countertop make-over I've seen people do is do a mosaic on it. Just buy a bunch of cheap plates in colors that work with your kitchen, smash them, and grout them onto the surface of the countertop. You put some grout sealant on top, and ta-da, a customized countertop.
Liss1 Liss1 8 years
I've never heard of it, what a great idea. When we bought our house last year i could not live with the countertop. Not only was it really ugly but it was disgusting. I don't think they bothered to use a cutting board and there were knife marks all over the place and all of the slice marks were filled with dirt and food. We went to home depot and got a simple (i think its formica) countertop and it was only $79! Maybe in a few years when i have more money i will get a granite one, but this one looks great and it was so cheap :)
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