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Room Therapy: Help Me Make My Bedroom More Livable!

Hi Casa,

I'm a student who recently moved into a huge four-bedroom apartment with four other girls. We converted a den into a bedroom, which also means that my room opens into the sunroom. While there is a lot of space, there isn't closet space anywhere. I have questions about making this space more liveable.

  • How do I get hanging space on the cheap? I only have one more year of school to go! And don't want to spend too much money.
  • I inherited a really old bed (no headboard) and was wondering what's an easy/cheap way to make it look nicer?
  • The sunroom has huge windows that overlook the street. I love the sunlight but the lack of privacy makes me nervous especially since it's on the first floor. Any way can I create some privacy while still maintaining sunlight?


    To see my suggestions, and to leave suggestions of your own,


    Hi Princessjaslew,

    Back in my college days, I once lived in a house with six, yes, count them, six roommates, in a house where the laundry room was converted into a bedroom, so I sympathize. I think that most college students have had to deal with similar issues to yours, and even if my suggestions aren't perfect, other Casa readers will provide you with a wealth of ideas for your space.

    Let's look at solutions for each of your issues:

    • Hanging Clothes: Since you're in school and want to spend as little cash as possible, I recommend buying a couple Riggas ($19.99) from Ikea. My sister would use them at her sewing studio to hang up clothes she made, and while they're pretty bare bones, they will do the job. You can always spring for a more expensive wardrobe unit that has a space for hanging clothes, but for a college student on a budget, the Rigga is a good choice.
    • Sprucing Up Your Bed: Start with beautiful linens that reflect your style, and some fluffy, comfortable pillows with matching or coordinating shams. In place of a headboard, try painting a trompe l'œil headboard. One of the Su Casa members also created an awesome illusion of a headboard using curtains. Framing pretty photos in matching frames and arranging them above your bed (as long as you don't live in an earthquake-prone region) is also an easy, cheap option.
    • Privacy and Sunlight: When I lived in my college rental, we turned the second living room area in our Victorian apartment into a bedroom simply by hanging floor-to-ceiling velvet curtains in the open, eight-foot space between the two rooms. Would this work as an option for you? That way you can keep the sunroom cheerful and bright, and you can also choose to open the curtains when you want to welcome some sunshine into your bedroom, and then close them again for privacy. Otherwise, a combination of pull-down shades and a more light, pretty curtain could be used in the sunroom itself, with the same idea of using both for privacy and one for letting the sunshine in.
    • Hope this helps!


      Do you have any suggestions? Leave them in the comments!

plus_2_kid plus_2_kid 9 years
1) I was thinking Privacy Film too - super cheap from hardware stores. Depending on what kind of windows panes, you only need to cover the bottom part up to eye-level (or SUV level...) 2) Riggas but then hang a curtain in front of them b/c they really are fugly. Plus, this way visitors to your room can't see "into" your closet. 3) I never notice the bed, only the comforter and sheets. Invest in a set you love. A good quality will last you YEARS and make your whole bedroom. eBay truly rocks for duvet covers.
pennies pennies 9 years
For the headboard, you can make a padded fabric-covered one for relatively little money. Here's a link to instructions that I used to make mine: I don't have a staple gun or anything like that so I just used a hot glue gun instead and to attach it, I bought velcro tape (it's amazing and I'm convinced it can hold anything up) and taped it onto the wall. This could also be another option for a "non-headboard" headboard: For curtains, you could get some linen curtains (maybe from IKEA?)... It does a good job of giving you privacy while still letting a lot of sun in. Hope this helps!
AmandaG AmandaG 9 years
I lived in an apartment once that had huge windows all across the front. I was on an insanely small budget so went to my local Walmat and bought really pretty fabric shower cutains to hang in place of cutains. They are wider than curtains so you get more for less. If you sew you can just turn a hem in the top or buy pretty rings.
hanako66 hanako66 9 years
For the headboard, you can purchase a large canvas and do a simple painting or cover it in fabric in a complementary color to your is pretty and easy to remove, since it is a rental.
WhatTheFrockBlog WhatTheFrockBlog 9 years
If you really like the light but value your privacy, you can always put privacy film on the windows.
sundaygreen sundaygreen 9 years
The first thing that came to mind was the Rigga, too. In fact, I almost prefer than to ordinary cupboards....
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