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beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
i agree about putting your music into a digital format. i still have all my old cds because if i ever have a car or are borrowing someone else's it is nice to have some of my old cds to listen to. i have all my cds out of their cases and in a large CD binder - takes up a lot less space this way! for your snacks - i know these may cost a bit initially, but you'll love how fresh the food keeps: purchase some glass jars with a seal (screw top or vacuum seal) for all your snacks. This way you can stack them and arrange them so they are easily accessible and look nice too. As for more book storage in the bedroom - are you allowed to put up single shelves (wall-mounted)? i don't know if ou mentioned that or not.
alice-martini alice-martini 9 years
I feel your pain. My husband is just like your BF, down to the Star Wars toys. We're now living in a much prettier, better organized house, but a few years ago before we got married, we lived in a tiny apartment with no storage space. My husband had a dining set given to him by his mom that also had sentimental value, and was extremely ugly. He still to this day does not understand what was so ugly about it, but I HATED. IT. with a passion. I sanded the whole set to get the nasty lacquer off and painted it with semi-gloss black and it looked WAY better, but the MDF tabletop was still ugly, so I just covered it with a tablecloth. However, that said, you might want to take him to IKEA before doing that kind of work. They have a pretty decent set right now of Stefan chairs in black and a table I can't remember the name of, for super cheap - if your boyfriend sees all the awesome stuff Ikea has, he might agree to get rid of the ugly set. My husband finally agreed to get rid of ours after he saw all the much nicer options that were out there. I would definitely make a curtain to cover your pantry area, and any other bookshelves that contain eyesores like possibly the CD shelves if your boyfriend insists on keeping them all (which mine did). Seriously, fabric is your friend. Ikea, again (no, I don't work for them) has some great fabrics that you can easily sew into curtains, or put over your eyesore loveseat and tuck around the cushions to make it look like a slipcover. You can get some pretty decorative storage boxes for pretty cheap to store his Star Wars toys and other random crap in. Like the PP said, try to talk him into backing up his CD collection and selling it - maybe you can take that money to Ikea!
emalove emalove 9 years
Since you can't paint (and what a bummer that must be!), add some color with throw pillows and blankets...if you're in the market for new furniture, you can also incorporate color that way. Also, buy some art prints and hang some framed photos on your walls. I know you said you don't have much money to spend, but Ikea has some great pieces for cheap cheap cheap. Their textiles and bedding are colorful, fun, AND cheap enough that you can mix it up every so often. They also have some great, inexpensive wall art. And I agree with Carak to get rid of all your CDs (after copying to your PC) or store them somewhere else. Selling them is also a great idea!
carak carak 9 years
sell all the cd's that have been converted to digital format & make sure you back them up on another harddrive or dvds. i had a ton of cd's too and no space for them, so i just took them all to FYE and they actually gave me a good price on a lot of them because they aren't as discriminatory as the local cd store. then you'll have some money for your redecorating. i'd suggest hanging things on the walls, especially since you can't paint. either you and your boyfriend can make stuff or your friends. you can find some really great prints on as well. add some color too! everything is neutral-colored and boring.
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