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Last weekend, I asked you for your tips on staying cozy and warm in the Winter months at your home. I shared that I often bring a space heater into the bathroom in the morning to keep the room warm while I'm showering (and to take the icy edge off of that tile floor). Many of you also responded with some fun comments on your Winter weather nesting tips.


  • kpelli73 shared, "Wool socks, a fire in the fireplace, blanket made by my grandmother, cup of hot tea, and a good book = super cozy day"
  • manxy said, "Fire in the fireplace, something cooking in the crockpot, maybe cinnamon buns in the oven (or some other bread product) all helps for a cozy home during the winter."
  • An anonymous commenter offered, "I light candles, put on warm fuzzy socks, sweats and a sweatshirt, and cuddle up under my micro-fleece blanket on the couch with a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate, and a good book or movie."
  • mzizit wrote, "first get a warm shower . . . with drying off just enough to not be "dripping wet" but on baby oil . . . massage into moist skin . . . put on some sweats . . . and nuzzle up in a comfy place to read . . . either a book or on the net . . . that layer of oil is a great body insulator . . . keeps me toasty warm . . . (oatmeal helps too, keeps the inside warm) . . . great question."
  • postmodernsleaz said, "Fire in the fireplace, cozy flannels, wool socks, cozy slippers, hot tea, a book (classics are cozier, no?), and maybe some hot thick soup (chili, split pea, potato cheese, chicken tortilla). And of course, the ultimate cold day remedy — long, hot bath"
  • esmerb wrote, "Socks, sweater and blanket!"
  • ella1978 listed, "LOTS of blankets. Fuzzy slippers w/soles (so that your feet never touch the cold tile or hardwood). Warm sweaters/fleece. Hot Tea/decaf coffee. Small room heaters. In our bedroom, we put a heating blanket on the bed, run a small heater for an hour before bedtime, and run a humidifier while we sleep."
  • chloe bella offered, "One thing that really helps lower heating costs — if you have a guest room you rarely use, close off the vents in there and keep the door closed. As far as keeping warm, always make sure to dry your hair as soon as you get out of the shower, always wear socks around the house, and drink lots of hot tea and cocoa!"
  • Prof B Arahend gave some couple-oriented cozy advice:  "Henessy or other fine brandy slowly sipped out of a hand-warmed, proper snifter does something to you that warms most people and makes them cozy (and randy). One such glass or two over the course of an entire evening is enough to have you making out in public and not noticing anything but the heat off her/his body, the amazing connection of the kiss . . . Cannot guarantee results, but on the last three times I tried it I did very well. For best results be over 21, have your sh*t together, know how to make conversation and enjoy in a room with lots of red velvet and candlelight , (or oriental rugs and books)."
So, did our readers miss anything? If so, add your ideas in the comments!


Source: Flickr User mccheek

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courtneyd courtneyd 7 years
I, too, put on sweats to stay warm, but I always layer a tank top or tighter-fitting t-shirt underneath. This helps keep my core warm, and if that's warm, all of me is warm. Plus, if I decide to start doing something around the house and warm up, I can just take off my sweatshirt, instead of having to go change. I also do what chloe bella mentioned. I close off one of the guest bedrooms that we rarely use as well as the door to the living room if we're not using it (we generally gather in the family room). Those rooms stay cold, but the rest of the house stays warmer this way. We generally build a fire if we're in the living room, anyway, so it warms up real quick.
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