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The Royal Family Poster by Jayde Cardinalli and City-Inspired Artwork

Do You Decorate With City-Inspired Artwork?

When it comes to city-inspired artwork, I am kind of a fanatic. In addition to all of the metro-centric designs I rounded up a couple years ago, one of my new favorites is The Royal Family Poster ($30) designed by Jayde Cardinalli, which celebrates 12 of San Francisco's most beloved eccentrics.

From the Bushman, who camouflages himself with leaves and twigs and scares tourists by popping out of the bushes in Fisherman's Wharf, to Marian and Vivian Brown, an iconic pair of identical twins known for their snazzy outfits and meticulously coiffed hair, the poster celebrates all of the odd fellows and fellas that San Franciscans love to run into and talk about. Imagine seeing them everyday in your living room!

Anyway, do you decorate with city-inspired artwork? Or are you not as mad about the place you live as I am?

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