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This Is What Happens When an $18M Mansion Gets a Makeover

Apr 30 2014 - 4:03am

What would you do if you could pick a room in a stunning mansion and decorate it however you wanted? It's the stuff your childhood dreams are made of [1], right? Well, that's exactly what some Bay Area designers got to do for this year's annual San Francisco Decorator Showcase (see last year's here [2]).

From a bright, Portugal-inspired master bedroom to a stunning all-white library, the home got a major face-lift thanks to genius ideas from the West Coast's best designers. (Fun fact: the mansion sold last year for a cool $18 million, and you have to see what it looked like before [3].) If you're in the area, don't miss the showcase [4], which is open to the public starting April 16 for a solid month. Otherwise, take a tour right now!

The big showcase is going down inside this magnificent home in San Francisco's Presidio area. Even from the outside, you can tell it's going to be great.

Source: Facebook user San Francisco Decorator Showcase [5]


Hellooo, entryway. This bronze sculpture immediately catches your attention, but we also love the laser-cut wallpaper behind it, all of which was curated by Elan Evans and Charlotte Meyn from Sonoma Decorative Arts [6].


Try to guess the inspiration behind this stunning hallway. Jonathan Rachman [7] designed it with the singer Lorde and model Kate Moss [8] in mind. Just look at the gold-sprinkled cowhide rug and fabulous dressmaker busts for proof.


Look up! The staircase features a mix of vertical mirrors and prints of Kate Moss [9] to keep with Rachman's hallway theme.

Music Room

Oh, this gorgeous room? It was designed by Steve Henry and Michael Booth of BAMO [10] with a young musician and collector in mind — but just about anyone would want to settle in the space.

Eclectic touches, like vintage record players, mirrored candlesticks, and bird sculptures, round out the room.


There's a reason this kitchen by Steven Miller Design Studio [11] won the title of kitchen of the year from House Beautiful [12]. From its beautiful dark cabinetry to the top-notch appliances and modern accents, some might even call it the best room in the house.

If every sink came with a view like this, you wouldn't mind doing the dishes.

Family Room

Open shelving? Check. Timeless succulents? Double check. Metallic accents? Done and done. This room — also by Steven Miller — can teach us all a lesson in styling.

Turn around, and you'll see furniture and accents that are perfect for small spaces. (PS: how great are the arms on the black chair?)

Tell us this isn't one of the coolest things you've ever seen. What you're looking at is actually a magnetic wall draped with wire cloth.


Take a few steps away from the family room, and you'll find the patio area designed by Steven Miller. That abstract overhead light pretty much steals the show, but the complementary chairs are great too.

When it comes to extra seating on the patio, eye-catching stools are a must.

Here's something we hadn't thought of before: line the backyard walkway with shattered mirror pieces for a unique effect — and seal the deal with a mirrored sculpture at the end, just like Katharine Webster [13] and Thayer Hopkins [14] did for the showcase.

Dining Room

Back inside, the dining room by SagreraBrazil Design [15] is all kinds of pretty. Those regal candlesticks! That gorgeous chandelier! The floral wallpaper! It's just perfect for a special-occasion dinner party.

Living Room

A living room that's elegant but also makes you want to kick up your heels? Right this way. We credit the undulating couch, geometric side tables, and that fabulous patterned fireplace cover, all curated by Heather Hilliard and Fleur Keyes from Heather Hilliard Design [16].


Those might look like fake books, but they're 100 percent real and coated in white. Bonus: the reading nook, designed by Geoffrey De Sousa [17], is filled with quirky finds like a bust and a pitchfork sculpture.

Master Bedroom

Warning: one step inside the master bedroom, and your jaw will drop. Antonio Martins [18] designed the room with his Portuguese heritage in mind, and the gorgeous hand-painted blue-and-white tiles perfectly capture that spirit.

Fun fact: the magnificent bed, made from exotic rosewood, has been in Martins's family since the 17th century. The regal bedding also complemented the striking walls along with touches like all-white side tables and accents.


Jaimie Belew [19] designed many girls' dream salon. Just imagine getting ready amid that cowhide rug and stunning antique crystal chandelier.

We love her idea of using shelving to show off accessories like shoes and handbags.

Master Bath

Animal-lover or not, you'll appreciate the master bath, also curated by Jaimie Belew. What's great is that the quirky touches like the cat print and fishbowl still manage to complement the elegant vibe of the shower.

Oh, and did we mention the views from the bathroom? That chaise lounge is to die for.


Would you believe this office used to be a laundry room? Laura Larkin [20] transformed it into a bona fide office, complete with a curved glass desk and lights made from cascading crystal bobbles.

The Soaking Lounge

How sweet! Lisa Bakamis [21] transformed an average bathroom into a teenage girl's dream retreat complete with a soaking tub, punchy pillows, and, of course, 3D-like butterfly wallpaper.

Boy's Room

Leave it to Shelley Cahan [22] to design a room made for the little gentleman of the house. Marquee lights, nickel accents, and a perfectly styled closet lead to a preppy but playful vibe.

Source: Shelley & Company [23]


Remember when you were a kid and would make your own fort out of sheets and pillows? Regan Baker [24] took that idea and made it 100 times better with a whimsical tent and moveable furniture.


When you've got a theme like Fifty Shades of Green, you know the result is going to be good. That's the idea behind Living Green Design [25]'s landscape makeover, which kept the framework of the original backyard.

Picture-worthy sculptures and bright outdoor furniture are tempting enough to make you want to spend all your time outside despite all the beauty indoors.

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