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Savvy Housecleaning Schedule

I'm always looking for ways to organize and cut my cleaning time, so I was impressed by fragiletearz' incredibly organized housecleaning schedule. When I wrote to ask if she'd mind if I used her schedule for a post, she said that she was excited that her nerdiness would be helpful to others. (I think that there are a lot of house and design nerds on Casa, fragiletearz, so you're in good company!)

If I had a system like this, I'd be much less apt to forget those vastly forgettable tasks, like watering the front porch flowers (sorry, sad, parched geraniums) and dusting the blinds. Fragiletearz also has created a pint-sized cleaning schedule for her daughter. I'll have to steal the idea when I get around to having my own kids!

CupcakeGal10 CupcakeGal10 9 years
This is a FABULOUS list, and just the inspiration I needed to get out of the messy rut I constantly find myself in. Thanks, fragiletearz!
Charger Charger 10 years
How do you clean the P trap? Do you take it off to clean, or do you use something to get down there from the drain? Very curious...and eager to start cleaning mine, too!
geohiker geohiker 10 years
I love this list! I have made a smaller version for myself - my Outlook calendar keeps track of things I need to do each week and repeats them forever. Having everything written down really does help me keep up with housework, without letting it become a big burden!
fragiletearz fragiletearz 10 years
No the P trap is the pipe under your kitchen sink....Kinda shaped like a p, Stuff gets stopped up there because of it's shape (a safe guard against losing something down the drain)after awhile of never being cleaned out, it'll stop up completely....I learned my lesson so I over clean mine, it's really easy to do .... and FYI I don't schedule sex LOL
discocactus discocactus 10 years
Good to know I'm not the only one who makes up lists like this! I don't have a chart, rather I have a master list saved on my computer and then I make up a monthly list of things to do/clean, and four weekly schedules. I haven't gotten into enough of a routine to have certain days for tasks but I may get there yet!
popgoestheworld popgoestheworld 10 years
What is clean out P trap? Is that like a euphemism for having sex?
yellow007 yellow007 10 years
cool reminds you to do things and when you did them last!!
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
i love it! i like that there is a day off for relaxing and reading! thats so important. :)
fragiletearz fragiletearz 10 years
Here is a link for the Word Perfect Document for downloading
fragiletearz fragiletearz 10 years
Just kelly send me your email address and I can send you the file... And Casa thanks for sharing this with everyone, it makes me feel slightly less geeky
just_kelly just_kelly 10 years
Anyway we could get a PDF or JPG of that for easy printing?
LauriJon LauriJon 10 years
This is a beyone fabulous list. I especially like Sunday, Rest & Read! And I'd add one to the top of this chore list... _____ get someone else to do my chores!
sofi sofi 10 years
this is great- always planned on making a nice chart but didn't MAKE the time. Thanks for doing this and passing it along. Much appreciated!
Pammy Pammy 10 years
This is fabulous and just in time for weekend chores! Thanks for sharing!
ElleJay ElleJay 10 years
runnergeek runnergeek 10 years
this is great! I'm going to see if i can find some cool stationery to make this list on. hey, anything to make chores more fun!!
bizzybee bizzybee 10 years
Wow. I'm impressed. I scribble lists but I like how this breaks everything down. Am a big believer in a little something each day versus the major overhaul. I am excited to try this. Plus I love that Sunday is a rest and relax day.
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