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Sexy Furniture and Decor

5 Décor Designs With Sex Appeal

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I visited an old college friend in New Orleans earlier this year and stayed at her sprawling apartment for about a week. I love a lot of things about her digs, like her cool director's chairs and her swanky Jacuzzi tub, but what I remember most about the place was how sexy her bedroom is. My friend must have somewhere stumbled upon a book called something like The Guide to the Sexiest Boudoir Ever, because girl's got it going on! From the crimson walls to the curtains that sweep the floor to the flirty zebra-print bench to the way her bed is angled like a focal point in the corner, the room oozes sex appeal. I would use a lot of complimentary adjectives to describe my own home, but sexy is not one of them, so I thought I'd hunt around for some exciting, provocative décor and furniture. Here we go! Don't worry, you don't have to close your eyes.

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