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Signs You're Addicted to Ikea

26 Signs You're Addicted to Ikea

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Listen, we're not here to judge anyone for being obsessed with Ikea and its furniture. But sometimes you need a wake-up call that your addiction has gotten out of hand. How do you do that? By recognizing these warning signs. That's what we're here for . . .

  1. Your mouth waters at the thought of Swedish meatballs.
  2. Ditto for cinnamon rolls and soft-serve ice cream.
  3. You have a Pinterest board called Ikea-holic. (True story.)
  4. Your laundry consists of washable slipcovers.
  5. The Ikea monkey is your spirit animal.
  6. You ignore the arrows on the floor because you know all the shortcuts and never, ever get lost.
  7. Your house slightly resembles a showroom floor. And by slightly, we mean totally.
  8. You've tried all the best Ikea hacks.
  9. Your dream is to ride the Ikea ferry.
  10. Your purse and the Ikea blue bag are one in the same.
  11. You have turned said blue bag into a Halloween costume.
  12. You have a drawer full of tea lights, candles, screws, and bulbs you've never used.
  13. You've run over people with your cart before because you're too in the zone, aka "beast mode."
  14. You use your Ikea credit card more than any other card.
  15. Your idea of "Sunday funday" is a trip to the big blue box.
  16. You may or may not have taken naps in the display rooms.
  17. When the new catalog comes, you feel like you've never seen anything more beautiful in your life.
  18. Your idea of exercise is walking from showroom to showroom.
  19. You feel sad for the poor souls who've never stepped inside an Ikea.
  20. You know the As-Is return policy by heart.
  21. Your Saturday nights revolve around assembling furniture.
  22. You go in with a specific item in mind but end up leaving with a full cart.
  23. No matter how often you've been, you get sucked in by the accessory bins at the very end. Every. Single. Time.
  24. You want to go to Australia just so you can spend the night at Ikea through Airbnb.
  25. You read the Confessions of an ex-IKEA addict board for hope that one day you too will make it to the other side.
  26. Except deep down, you know this will never happen because it will always have a place in your heart.

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