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6 Reasons Why You Should Probably Copy This Apartment

May 14 2014 - 6:03am

There are the places we like and the places we love, and then there are the places we want to copy. Case in point, this Manhattan apartment we first spotted in House Beautiful [1]. Filled with glamorous details, this small space has not one, but six reasons why it needs to be mimicked. With its mix of classic yet modern decor and bold use of color, it's seriously one for the Pinterest boards. Learn why and how to get the look below. After all, imitation is the best form of flattery . . .

Photo by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful [2]

The Entryway Sets the Scene

This welcome is almost too cute! Between the bright colors, classic pieces, and quirky accents, the foyer sets the tone for the rest of the apartment. With a statement mirror and console table, it follows these entryway styling tips [3].

Photo by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful [4]

Pops of Color Are Found Throughout

With neutral walls and furniture, it's easy to add pops of color throughout a space. Similar to the bedroom, make a traditional chair feel modern with the addition of patterned pillows, and use your white walls as a backdrop for bright table lamps.

Photo by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful [5]

The Paint Colors Aren't Expected

This (almost) all-black kitchen is anything but boring. If you're looking to make a statement, take risks with paint [6]. The payoff is great, and the result can be rather chic.

Photo by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful [7]

The Furniture Is Timeless

If you're moving into your first apartment [8], invest in classic pieces similar to the furniture in this bedroom. The headboard will stand the test of time with its ability to be reupholstered, and white side tables will easily adapt to your evolving style.

Photo by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful [9]

Every Inch Is Maximized

With a few smart choices, this apartment maximizes every inch of its small layout. The built-in bookcase offers ample storage, and the acrylic dining table seems to take up less space because it practically disappears — genius!

Photo by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful [10]

Symmetry Is Valued

One word: perfection. The symmetry in this living room not only makes a design statement, but also offers plenty of seating for guests. For a similar look, purchase things in pairs, and be sure everything is a reflection of the other. This look definitely favors cleanliness and tidiness.

Photo by Maura McEvoy via House Beautiful [11]

Now, Get the Look Below!

Left to right: grass wallpaper [12] (price upon request), gold side table [13] ($279), pink pillow [14] ($48), zebra rug [15] ($315, originally $450), table lamps [16] ($130, originally $284), cotton bedding [17] ($99-$1,098),
upholstered armchair [18] ($795-$895), orange pillow [19] ($385), blue mirror [20] (price upon request)

For a complete look at this Manhattan apartment, head to HouseBeautiful.com [21].

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