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Small Nursery in New York City

How This Couple Created a Nursery in Their 400-Square-Foot Apartment

When interior designer and photographer Gunnar Larson and his wife, Sara Larson, found out they were having a baby, the couple had to make a decision. Would they leave their beloved 400-square-foot apartment in New York City's East Village, or would they make it work? Gunnar and Sara decided on the latter — and we couldn't be more inspired. Check out four crucial tips that helped them make the most out of their small space!

  1. Make the space work visually for you and functionally for the baby: Pieces with clean lines and a complementary color palette will blend in more seamlessly.
  2. Take a design hack from the Dutch and hang your cradle: Gunnar and Sara bought this version from Kindekeklein. Aside from being a space saver, the hanging cradle also mimics the sensation of being in the womb.
  3. Think vertically: Floating shelves that almost reach the ceiling double as extra storage (thanks to burlap bins) and a minicloset (notice the clothing rack?). Just keep the most frequently used items within easy reach.
  4. Raise your bed: Gunnar and Sara lifted their bed to store bulky items like a stroller but also leverage the bed's height so that it serves as a changing table (their heavy-duty cloth changing pad comes in handy!).

For even more pictures of their bedroom/nursery and tips, check out the full article at Refinery29!

Image Source: Gunnar Larson
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