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Casa Quickie: Venus Fly Traps Control Insects in a Snap

Having windows and doors wide open is a wonderful sign of Summer, but opening up your home to the outside is a sure way to let pesky critters in (even with screens). One solution that has worked wonders in my home is by investing in a Venus Fly Trap. These fantastic little carnivorous plants will not only be your first line of defense against house flies, fruit flies, spiders, and other creepy crawlers, but they're also quite beautiful too. I got my Fly Trap for $15 from Amazon and simply placed in a glass bowl with some Sphagnum moss. Not only does it looks stunning, but I'm thrilled each time I see one of its traps closed tight because that means one less bug for me to take care of! Plus, it's a lot of fun to watch — you may even find yourself searching out insects just to feed it.

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