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Would You Ever Stay With a Nudist?

If you're interested in really getting to know your hosts, you may want to consider a stay with a nudist. That's exactly what two German students did when they stayed with a nudist host through CouchSurfing, a social networking website that lets visitors stay at their homes free of charge. As recounted in the New York Times article "You’re Not a Stranger When You Leave," German students Daniel Ruf and Patrick Palme stayed with New York nudist Robert Redmond, who has been a nudist since he was 23 years old. Happy to have place to stay, the two students seemed unfazed by their host's lack of clothing, noting "It’s Bob’s home. He can do whatever he wants."

While most of CouchSurfing's hosts are not nudists, Redmond belongs to the site's Clothing Optional group, which provides nudists with options for staying gratis, and clothes-free, with hosts.

Although, I've never willingly stayed with a nudist, in college I found out quite by accident that one of our housemates was a part-time nudist. Every time I returned to our house unexpectedly, I'd find him lounging on our sofa with a science-fiction novel, without a stitch of clothing on him. After the third time this happened, my other housemates and I asked him to keep his goods covered or to find other housing — he found other housing. I hate to think of myself as a prude, but I'm pretty strict when it comes to our home. I like my guests to take their shoes off, but to keep their pants on, thank you very much!

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savannah-allred savannah-allred 5 years
My grandparents lived in a nudist community for 10 years of my life, I've def stayed with nudist, not by choice!
Ellenora Ellenora 5 years
As my mother always states, a human who is ashamed of the human form naked needs therapy. That and we are allowed to do whatever we want in our own home. I was raised with a European value system so nude bodies don't really bother me....unless it's my own parents. There's something wired in our brains where's that's just weird, I think. Would it be uncomfortable the first few times? Yes, but it's a matter of adaptation. I'm the person who prefers to walk around my home clothed as that's the rule in my house and we all have a few body issues that need working on. As long as they don't force their lifestyle upon their guests, I don't see a problem with it. To each their own!
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