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Need to Stash Your Stuff? Don't Overlook the Oven

On House Beautiful today, designers are sharing innovative ideas for adding additional storage space to a small home. Interior designer Chad Eisner had a particularly good idea for kitchen storage. He noted, "I've lived in small apartments, condominiums, and houses my whole life, including the 800-square-foot house I live in now. But I really enjoy entertaining, which entails having a lot of things. One storage place that goes overlooked is the oven — and I don't mean it in a Carrie Bradshaw store-your-cashmere-sweaters-and-Manolos sort of way. I mean it's a great place to store pots, pans, and large serving platters. If you're like me, you use your range a lot more than your oven. And in those instances where you do use the oven to cook, you're probably going to be using some of those pots and platters anyway."

This tip makes a lot of sense — especially for those of you who don't use your oven that often. It's also a great way to guarantee the oven is always clean. You certainly wouldn't want to store your pots, pans, and other kitchen necessities in an oven with a blackened rack or bottom, would you?

Do you store your overflow home goods or kitchen goods in an unusual spot? Share your smart, overlooked storage solutions — I'm dying to know if you pop cookie pans in an odd spot in your pantry or stack shoes in your oven.

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RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 5 years
It's also a great way to conveniently warp all your pans at once! Lol. I am forgetful and often turned the oven on without removing everything first.
renee415 renee415 5 years
This is very true..I have seen a lot of people do it and I'm not sure why my household doesn't. I should definitely start because the oven isn't one we use often at all...I am going to reorganize mi casa soon so this will be something I take into consideration along with a few tips and products from this awesome guide >
kellan kellan 5 years
I store all my baking sheets and cupcake pans in my oven. It's such a space saver!
stephaniepoli stephaniepoli 5 years
This tip reminds me of my friend's house in high school. Not only did they use the oven for storage, but the top of the oven door (folded down) as well. Not exactly 'hidden storage' in that case. I also recall my mother forgetting that she stored plastic trays in our oven when she powered on for preheat. Several melted trays later...
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