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On Strike For Christmas Author Sheila Roberts Offers Holiday Tips

7 Simple Tips For Staying Sane This Holiday Season

I love to decorate, entertain, and give great presents during the holiday season, but sometimes all of the making merry can make me feel, well, weary. So, I was glad to hear that Sheila Roberts, author of the best-selling On Strike For Christmas, suggests we slow down and enjoy the holidays — in part, by not doing quite so much. Check out her suggestions for avoiding holiday fatigue and truly making this Winter holiday season merry and bright.

  • Plan a Silent Night. "Before the season begins, block out some days on your calendar for down time. Don't accept invitations for those nights, and plan to do nothing but relax."
  • Delegate. "You don't have to do it all. Let family members do some of the baking and decorating."
  • Chop Your Lists in Half. "Most of us really do more than we need to. This year try cutting every holiday list, from your to-do list to your shopping list in half. Bake half the amount of cookies, do half the chores, buy half as much. This will give you less stress, less bills to pay off in the New Year. Family members who want more can volunteer to make that happen."
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  • Party While You Work. "Get together with friends to wrap presents and bake cookies. The work may not get done any faster, but you'll have fun."
  • Hire Elves. "Spend money instead of energy and hire help for the holidays. A student home for Christmas break might love to earn some extra income stringing lights for you or vacuuming your house."
  • Give Yourself a Bonus. "There's nothing like a Christmas bonus to ward off a strike. Treat yourself to afternoon tea with a friend, a chick flick, or a manicure. It will do wonders for your attitude. And if you get your nails done, it will do wonders for your holiday look!"
  • Plan Ahead. "The more you can do ahead of time, the easier the holidays are, so plan now to start getting ready for next Christmas in the New Year. Delegate a cupboard or some closet space to presents and shop the after-Christmas sales for everything from stocking stuffers and hostess gifts to wrapping paper and ribbon. Getting ready for the holidays a little at a time all year long is sure to make your holiday less stressful and more merry and bright!"
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