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Studio 54 Pictures and Decor

Happy Anniversary, Studio 54! Decor Inspiration From the Club's Look and Celeb Clientele

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This week in 1977, arguably one of the most influential clubs in history — Studio 54 — opened its doors at 254 West 54th Street, Manhattan, to the dancing public. Catering to a wide variety of clientele, the club welcomed gay and straight, black and white, famous, infamous, and totally anonymous guests. It was, by all accounts, absolutely the place to be seen in the late '70s.

Not only was the clientele special, but the space itself was, too. Cavernous in size, the club had a stage, balconies, sitting areas with tables, and a spacious parquet wood dance floor. Strobe lights in the form of columns flanked the club and a mirrored main bar under the balconies was in close proximity to the dance floor. A variety of other spaces, such as the infamous "Rubber Room" (which could be sprayed down), as well as a basement frequented by celebrities, made up the rest of the club.

Today, we're going to take you through some shots of the club's decor, and of course, it's famous celebrity clientele, including Halston, Michael Jackson, Woody Allen, Andy Warhol, and many more. Keep clicking for a look back at the fabulous '70s at Studio 54, and our interpretations of the looks for a modern home.

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