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Studio Apartment Decorating Tips

The Lazy Girl's Guide to Studio Living

Every studio dweller knows that our tiny digs must do it all without room to spare. While we dream of grand homes, extra counter space, and maybe even a patio, there's something cozy about studio living. Although it seems challenging, decorating a studio can be rather simple (and practically free) to pull off. Considered the lazy girl's guide to studio living, the five tips below are pretty much everything you need to know about living big with a small space and budget.

Rearrange . . . Again and Again: The key to living in a studio is maximizing the little space you have. Although your current setup may be working fine, there could be a better layout you have yet to discover. Studio dweller and interior designer Kelsi Vande Velden suggests sketching possible room arrangements before moving your furniture around. Creating a new floor plan will help you better identify the "dead spaces" and may help you view old pieces in a new way.

Toss, Organize, Repeat: Since studios are small, you have less flexibility when it comes to storage. Make organizing a priority. Donate anything that you no longer need, and be sure everything has a place (and remains in that place!). If you don't have a lot of closet space, keep clothing under your bed or on a wardrobe rack and turn your storage into decor. A little artful rearranging is all it takes to make anything go from cluttered to curated.


Lighten Up: To keep your apartment from feeling like a cave, introduce some simple brightening tricks. For starters, ditch the heavy fabric and plastic verticals for curtains with lighter fabrics and colors, use mirrors strategically, and never underestimate the power of white paint. Adding a few stylish lamps will help the space feel bigger and set the ambience if recessed lighting isn't an option.

Do Double Duty: Make sure that all of your main pieces serve multiple purposes. For example, a console table can double as a desk, a dining table, and a vanity. The same goes for seating. Poufs can be used as ottomans and stools can be used as both a side table and an extra seat for guests.

Think Vertical: Since you don't have the space to move out, go up! Whether it be shelving or art, take advantage of open wall space. Showcase your pictures with a gallery wall and embrace open shelving.

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