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TeamSugar member PipeePoodle has shared some photos of her converted warehouse building apartment, and sounded off, "My apartment is boring me to death!" She cites one of her problems as the open space, but personally I think it's an asset. She also said, "I really need some curtains on my windows, but as you can see, they are about 15 feet high. Add on the distance to the floor and you've got an impossible task." And, she's considering painting and stenciling her cool retro tables.

Hear my thoughts and offer your own, when you


I think PipeePoodle is so lucky to live in a beautiful old warehouse building, and have 15 foot high ceilings, open space, and exposed brick walls. She should embrace the unique architectural elements, rather than fear them. Welcome the challenge! Why not ditch the curtains and expose the massive windows? She could adhere some decorative window film to create privacy while making her windows a focal point, rather than an eyesore with curtains that don't fit, or drape long panels to the floor. I love the height of her bookcases on the right wall, and think her living room could benefit from hanging a large piece of artwork on the opposite wall to complement them. Using her awesome trunk table as a side table and picking up a low and wide coffee table would conquer the negative space, and laying down some floor pillows or Moroccan poufs might make sense of it. She definitely has a great eye for furniture; I'd love to see what else she picks up. I love the retro quality of her tables, and think they're crave worthy as is!

What suggestions do you have for PipeePoodle? Any ideas to help her kick the bore factor? Check out the gallery of her apartment, and share your thoughts by leaving a comment below.

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