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Su Casa: Cheap and Chic Computer Desk

How's this for an innovative use of Ikea furniture? To create a tall computer desk, Thopunk simply stacked two end tables on top of each other, then added a bar stool for seating. I love how the stool looks with the turquoise bureau.

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Rowanvamp0 Rowanvamp0 10 years
Yes I"m wondering to how's your seating, seems like you wouldn't be able to get to close. I love the ideal and even like the fact that it's perfect for smaller rooms. As for one comment getting away from that college feel why not try to put a skirt around it so it looks like a table. You can still acess the printer by the opening in the middle of the skirt. Just my two cents on a great ideal!
AnnieQ AnnieQ 10 years
Where do you put your legs?
torngyrl torngyrl 10 years
This looks like an ergonomic nightmare. I see backaches and carpel tunnel in someone's future.
stayclassic stayclassic 10 years
@ vrichards... the dresser was brown and orange and white originally. we got it from the salvation army. we then painted it. @ erinjg... actually you can rest your feet on the bottom table. it is nice.
TrinityOne TrinityOne 10 years
erinjg erinjg 10 years
Clever and resourceful, yes. But my back hurts just thinking about sitting on that stool with no room for my legs to swing freely...
Pepper Pepper 10 years
Very clever.
cammei cammei 10 years
Oh what a great idea. They are so cheap 12-13$ I have an idea that I'd like to have 6, 3 on top of 3. That would make a great artist's desk. In the LACK series at Ikea they come in different colors too. Birch, black, brown, pink, white, red and green.
vrichards vrichards 10 years
where did you get that turq. dresser?
liliesandlyla liliesandlyla 10 years
This is a great idea! This works well in a small room that's both a study room and a bedroom, like what I have. Love it.
libs1dlab libs1dlab 10 years
It is a practical solution for a small work area but it looks like the kind of furniture you have as a poor college student and I'm so trying to get away from that look now that I'm a full grown poor adult.
diorbaby diorbaby 10 years
Cute idea, but I am not a huge fan of it. To small, kinda blah.
tee0206 tee0206 10 years
I love it. I have one of those tables holding a TV in my room. I actually bought three IKEA tables over the weekend for my new apartment and promptly made my roommate put them together for me. He made fun of my laptop table endlessly, but then he tried it and fell in love with it and apologized for saying anything bad about the laptop table, ha.
amarillotropical amarillotropical 10 years
nice and elegant idea
PrSiren PrSiren 10 years
cute and smart but definitely for someone who is not online for more than 10-15 minutes at a time.
chancleta chancleta 10 years
stayclassic stayclassic 10 years
@ licia... it actually has the space for a large desk, but i prefer the minimalist approach to decorating haha. and it wouldnt be possible without the iMac... monitor, keyboard, and mouse. thats it. gotta love it! but it is good if someone doesnt have the room, or just doesnt need a large desk. you can get these tables on craigslist for like $5. i got these two for $12 for both. haha.
hestadalen hestadalen 10 years
love it, very clever.
licia licia 10 years
Thats really cute, especially for a room that is lacking the space for a large desk.
vawilliams vawilliams 10 years
Thanks thopunk
stayclassic stayclassic 10 years
just wanted to respond to VAWILLIAMS. it is VERY stable. I was going to secure them with screws, but all I did was use that tacky stuff to hang posters or whatever, put a decent size chunk on there, and pushed down. and over time it gets more stable because of the weight.
rlveronica rlveronica 10 years
Nice. I used to have those tables! Haha.
vawilliams vawilliams 10 years
Cute, but stable? (The question I asked myself re: all my ex-boyfriends...)
schwandner schwandner 10 years
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