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CasaSugar Community member MRhodes needs a little help rethinking her dining set:

Help! I can't convince my husband to get rid of this dining set, so thought that I might be able to come up with a funky, hip way to refinish it so that it's not so traditional. There's a matching Queen Anne cherry hutch as well. My ideal dining room would be one with a big long farm table and Phillipe Stark Ghost chairs, to give you an idea of my style. Any thoughts? By the way, the room is painted a charcoal gray. Thanks!

Continue reading to see my suggestions and offer your own.

Hi MRhodes,

It's a beautiful dining set. I don't blame him! You have a lot of options, though.

My immediate thought would be to paint the table or chairs. But if he's so dead-set on keeping it, he might not want it to be painted, either. You could paint asymmetrical stripes on the tabletop, paint the table legs a color that pops, paint all the chairs a bright, fun color, paint each chair a complementary color, paint the chair legs, or even paint stripes on the chairs themselves. The possibilities with paint are endless!

Or, if you can find a place to use either the table or the four chairs elsewhere in your house, or put them in storage, maybe bringing in a different table or chairs would do the trick. I love your farmhouse/Ghost chair idea, and what's crucial about that is the juxtaposition of different styles. This set is very matchy-matchy. Pairing a more industrial-looking or glass table with the chairs would give them a more modern feel. Meanwhile, some less dainty, more masculine chairs would be a good match for the Queen Anne table. Check out my post on eight mixed and matched dining sets for ideas.

Another idea, if possible, is to swap out just the tabletop or table legs for something with a more streamlined, rectangular shape.

If you can't really mess with the set without upsetting your husband, I'd go for bold new seat fabric — maybe patent leather? — and then run a modern runner down the center. Something like the Chilewich Pressed Vinyl Dots Table Runner ($25) in white would look very hip.

You could also lay down a mod patterned rug below the table to detract attention.

Hope that helps!



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Join The Conversation
cindycjw cindycjw 7 years
Ahh, I know how you feel. I wanted to replace our dining room table/chairs with more current stuff but my husband thinks ours was his grandmother's. It wasn't but that's a different story. :) How about making slipcovers for the chairs like this or this or a longer skirt if you want to hide the legs maybe use a pattern similar to this Or make a short fitted tablecloth for the table (similar to the patterned chair slipcover) and just reupholster the seats of the chairs. I know it's not even close to the look you'll get from a ghost chair but I think you could make what you have very attractive. Especially if you don't really have a choice.
barbiesugar barbiesugar 7 years
Paint them white or another fun color! White if you would've wanted a clear ghost chair, or a color if you would've wanted the candy ones. As for the table either paint it to match OR get it artificially distressed.
giardino giardino 7 years
I agree that if you paint them it should be black...but if you don't want to paint, how about linen slipcovers with a short skirt revealing the chair legs? Coral fabric would look great with the gray walls.
mslewis mslewis 7 years
I was just wondering . . . if this set is antique, won't the value go way down if it is painted? I do agree that it is way too traditional for my taste but I wouldn't paint it, I would just change the surrounding decor, as others have suggested.
EricaJane EricaJane 7 years
ugh, i would want to have something else in my dining room as well.. i guess it's a nice set, but it's a very specific style and you're obviously not into it. me either. my main problem is how matchy it is.. i think it definitely has potential if you're into the modern gothic thing, and could paint it a glossy black.. i think your ghost chairs would look just fine with this table..and I agree, a great (bold) rug would draw the focus away from the table.. you should replace your light fixture with something more exciting, or maybe just lower that one and put some cute shades on the pillars..
lsyrek0505 lsyrek0505 7 years
I am sorry but I would agree with your husband as well the set is beautiful. I personally wouldnt paint the furniture but if you did I would suggest black. What I would suggest is updating the fabric on the chairs and line the back of the hutch with the same fabric as well and update any hardware on the hutch as well (hinges, knobs, etc). I would also suggest updating the non dinning set elements in the room -- starting with the chandelier. When updating this you might also tie in fabric on chandelier lamp shades to match the fabric of the table and hutch. Adding more accent peices in the room with your style will really help to satisfy your look. Another idea to hide the queen ann look would be to make covers for the chairs or covers for just the back of the chairs as well -- you could even add foam to have a cushioned back as well. Good luck!
domicileid domicileid 7 years
Hi Two things you could do. Look one: You could have the set painted white. I would go with a creamier white with a warm tan undertone. Not bright white. Bright white sometimes tends to look cheap to me. Look two: you could have the set refinished and stained black. Could be a cool look! Orrrrr. you could have it refinished to a brighter orangeish red color much like this Hope this helps! Amanda domicile interior design
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