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Succulent Ball DIY

Create Major Wow Factor in Your Outdoor Spaces With Succulent Orbs

When I was at Sunset Celebration Weekend earlier this Summer, I fell in love with DIG Garden's succulent orbs. These hanging globes of succulents provide such an unusual plant display and would make an amazing impact in a front entry, porch, or patio area of a home. You can buy a succulent orb form ($15 and up, depending on size) from DIG Gardens to make the process easy to DIY. Or, if you live within driving distance of the Santa Cruz, CA, store, you can pick up one ready made (contact DIG Gardens for more details).

For those of us interested in making our own orbs, DIG has thoughtfully provided all of the directions. Check them out below!

  1. Completely submerge the orb form in water for approximately two minutes.
  2. The following day, after the form has dried out slightly, is the time to start planting your succulent cuttings.
  3. Starting from the bottom of the orb, (use a empty flower pot or bowl to set it upside down)
  4. With a pencil or chopstick, insert half a hole into the orb, and then take a cutting and insert it into the hole.
  5. Use florist wire, or any thin wire you may have around, and cut the wire into two-inch pieces. Bend the wire into a U shape. Secure the stem of the succulent into the orb using the wire for the bottom half of the orb. This way, when you turn your orb right side up again, all the succulent cuttings will stay in place until they root.
  6. Completely cover the orb with cuttings, or put clusters of succulents in patterns around the orb.
  7. Keep outdoors in a partially shady area like a covered patio or indoors in a very bright room.
  8. After two weeks with no water, gently water with a hose once a week.
  9. Under the right conditions your orb should last, at least, six to nine months. Then re-cut the succulent plants down, and reinsert them again as they grow out.
  10. Enjoy your living art!
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