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Things My Mom Used to Do That Bugged Me That I Do Now

OnSugar Blog: Things That My Mom Used to Do That Bugged Me That I Do Now

Here's a post from OnSugar blog An Outside Eye:

Every woman alive could write their own version of this. It's not an original idea. But it sure is fascinating, watching yourself turn out just like your mom.

Here are some of the things that Judith used to do that drove me bonkers as a child:

  • Wrapping presents creatively with really beautiful tissue paper and raffia instead of good old-fashioned landfill-bound shiny commercial gift wrap. Growing up, I wanted my gifts to look like everyone else's gifts, and I wanted them all to match. I wasn't a big fan of the artsy homemade decorating. But now? I actually have a box full of gift supplies that consists mostly of re-purposed tissue from other gifts and retail purchases, along with plenty of raffia and other found objects. I wouldn't buy a roll of Walmart gift wrap with a gun to my head.
  • Speaking of boxes, apparently I hoard things, just like Judith. I have an entire cabinet full of empty boxes, yet only one tiny closet for my actual clothes. I will throw out a cashmere sweater before I throw out an empty cardboard box. Let me just say that boxes are pretty much the only thing I hoard. In all other ways, I'm a purger. For example, this is the current contents of my refrigerator. Notice how everything is pulled forward to the front of the shelves. I can't stand when stuff lurks in the back evasively.
  • Continue reading to see the rest of this list.

  • Storing food in unlabeled Ball jars. When I was growing up, our kitchen was unfinished and our bulk food was stored on exposed shelving in glass jars of all different sizes and shapes. I hated the hippie look and longed for order. I hoped desperately for a Martha Stewart cabinet system with matching Crate and Barrel containers. Now, I store all my food in old Ball jars. The more mismatched, the better. And I drink out of them too. Which, in a twist of irony, Judith hates.
  • Never vacuuming. Judith hated vacuuming and it was usually cause for a pretty serious grump session that I would try hard to avoid. Guess what? I hate vacuuming too, and have been known to stomp around the house complaining loudly about how unfair it is that I don't have a maid. It's quite unfortunate that only my cats are privy to this particular form of hysteria.
  • Shopping straight from the farmers. I grew up in New England farm country. We got our milk right from the farmer down the street. We got our veggies from the garden in our yard. I coveted the junk food I saw on TV. We never had it. Guess who loves to shop at the farmers market now? I even got my hands on some unpasteurized, fresh "squeezed" cow's milk recently, and oh my yum, once you've gone there, there's no going back.

And speaking of TV, I only watched it when visiting my grandparents. Because the country TV we had? It only got one station: the Sesame Street channel. Judith was not a big advocate of television. I felt duly deprived. Guess who doesn't own a TV now? (I do, however, watch shameless hours of bad television on Hulu.)

And an added bonus for things my dad (Curt) used to do that I really hated, but love now:

I feel most comforted and at home listening to bluegrass music. It's true. What can I say; it's in my blood.

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else411 else411 7 years
brindey brindey 7 years
Somewhere, YumSugar is crying over the state of your fridge, farmer's market milk or not.
bunnyhorse bunnyhorse 7 years
This is great, and a fun read! I've noticed I've taken on some of the traits my mother has that used to drive me crazy. It's pretty common, I guess.
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