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Thom Filicia's Top Tips For Design

Thom Filicia's Top Tips For Design

Yesterday, I had the opportunity to interview Dress My Nest host Thom Filicia. Thom, who recently authored Thom Filicia Style, talked about his experience making over The View's dressing rooms. Thom also appeared on the show to promote the Kimberly-Clark Room-a-Day Giveaway, which gives 16 participants the chance to each win a $25,000 room makeover. Thom also shared his personal philosophies for creating cohesive and beautiful rooms. Thom's style, which blends relaxed elegance with each client's individual sense of style, seemed to be a perfect resource for CasaSugar readers interested in making over their own homes. You can peruse some of Thom's design tips from his new book when you


  1. Mix Timeless and Timely: Timeless is a fresh look at traditional design and timely is a more livable version of what we know as modern design. Pair a classic rug with more contemporary furniture. When Timeless and Timely pieces are used together you’ll create an interesting, eclectic room that’s entirely your own.
  2. Color Your World: There’s nothing that will transform your space as easily and affordably as paint. When looking to refresh your world, bring in your favorite color with the ease of a roller. And when looking to strengthen the foundation of your room bring in a stylish and bold rug layered on your basic wall to wall carpet. Pick colors that suit your personality. When painting a room don’t be afraid to be bold and choose the colors you love, not colors that are safe. And remember, a fresh coat of white paint can bring an old piece of furniture back to life and help it fit in anywhere.
  3. Decorate Outside the Box: Don’t allow a home’s architecture to limit your decorating options. Just because your house is a colonial, it doesn't mean that you have to decorate like you’re a pilgrim. Your interior should speak as much about you as it does about your architecture, so be free in making choices and make sure your home tells your personal story.
  4. Personalize Your Space: Your home should be an extension of your personality and reflect your individual aesthetic. Personalizing your space is key to any successful design. Choose artwork and accessories from throw pillows, to books, to picture frames, and interesting objects and artwork that collectively tells your story and make you smile.
  5. Well Read: Layering your room with books is a great way to add depth, color, and visual textures. A stack of books can make a great, interesting little side table.
  6. Lose the Matchy Matchiness: Each piece you select in a room should have character, be eye-catching, and tell your story. It doesn’t matter if your furniture, artwork, and textiles are collected during exotic trips or sourced from
    local design shops. As long as the overall look is original with intriguing juxtapositions and unexpected contrasts you’ll create a room that is interesting, unique, and beautiful.


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