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Tips For Buying Cut Flowers From the Farmers Market

5 Questions to Ask When Choosing Farmers Market Flowers

This weekend, our house guests surprised us with this gorgeous mix of anemones and tulips from the farmers market. While many of you may be tempted by farmers market blooms, sometimes it's hard to know exactly which ones to choose. If you're unsure, here are some questions to ask the market seller.

  • "When were the flowers picked?" This way, you can have an idea of how fresh the flowers are. The sooner they were picked, the longer they'll stay fresh in your home.
  • "How far did they travel?" If the flowers had to travel a long way, they will be more likely to suffer from being jostled, moved, and potentially dehydrated in a van or truck. If they did travel quite a distance, ask for information on how they traveled. Were they in water the entire time? Were they wrapped carefully?
  • "How long can they be expected to bloom?" Some flowers look great at the market, but then only last for a day or more before starting to lose their luster. Sometimes it's better to look for blooms that are still closed, since that way they'll look prettier for much longer.
  • "Do they drop petals a lot?" Many smaller-petaled flowers tend to shed like crazy. This may be OK in your house (it's not in mine), but it's better to know what to expect beforehand.
  • "What's your favorite?" Sometimes a seller can alert you to a flower that you'd previously overlooked or weren't aware of. This is the way I've discovered some of my favorite cut flowers. It never hurts to ask!

Do you buy flowers at a farmers market? How do you make your decision?

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