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Tips For Creating the Perfect Wedding Registry

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry For Both of You

We're happy to present a post from Stylelist Home!

When a couple first gets engaged, the thought of combining their two lives is exciting. But when it comes down to registering for wedding gifts, they have to combine their two different styles to create one cohesive home. And this is not an easy task. But with some compromise, registering for their new lives together can bring a couple closer, which is exactly what happened with Danielle, 30, and Anthony, 32. Here's their story.

When Anthony proposed, it was a dream come true. The thought of creating a life together with the man I loved was so exciting. I pictured us sitting in this little home perfectly decorated with beautiful items and cool art. I envisioned a kitchen filled with fine china and a living room with scented candles and a country vibe.

Apparently, Anthony had a different vision.

He also pictured us sitting in a perfect little home. But instead of fine china and scented candles, he pictured giant beer mugs and plates with dancing food on them.


I don't mind the beer mugs, but the dancing hamburger plates? I could live without them. After all, these were going to be our first home items together as a couple. How did he not understand that they would travel with us and then be passed down to our children?

The thought of combining our two styles was daunting. How were we ever going to decide what our style was as a couple?

We thought about each registering for the gifts we wanted as individuals, but that wasn't us. We cared about each other's opinions, and we wanted to create a home that was comfortable for the both of us.

So, we did what we had to do: compromise.

After sitting down and discussing what we each wanted out of a home, he was more excited about the electronics like the television and kitchen gadgets, while I had more of an interest in home accents.

Together we picked out amazing home items that reflected us both as individuals and as a couple.

We really learned a lot about each other through the registry process. We got to know each other's tastes better and how to compromise when it comes to our decor. And while this may seem like a small problem for a couple that's getting married, for us, designing our space was a big deal. After all, home is where the heart is.

As an added bonus, we've rounded up 12 wedding gift options that are worthy of earning you the title of "Best Guest Ever." Find them here!

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