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Sabrina Soto's 5 Tips For an Allergy-Friendly Home and Garden

Last week, I got a chance to chat with designer Sabrina Soto about Spring cleaning, organizing, outdoor entertaining, and more. As the host of HGTV's Get It Sold, Soto has a lot of experience of whipping homes that have seen better days into livable, relaxing, and stylish spaces. One topic that I've been particularly interested in lately is how to handle the allergens, dust, and other unwelcome particles that are ubiquitous in our homes in the Spring. Soto had a few very helpful tips to share:

  • "It may not be glamorous, but a vacuum is one of the most useful home appliances you can own! Regularly cleaning with a HEPA filter vacuum will help capture the allergy-inducing particles you can't see that collect in upholstery and carpets."
  • "To help keep dust from gathering, install easy-to-clean shades or machine washable panels, and clean regularly. If you have curtains, take them down once every two months and have them dry-cleaned."
  • "Stick with bright colorful flowers as they rely on insects to transport their pollen rather than wind. Because of this, brighter flowers tend to produce less pollen."

Continue reading for more of Sabrina's tips!

  • "Peak pollen production happens early in the morning so plan to do your gardening later in the day to minimize exposure to allergens."
  • "Be prepared with the right allergy treatment. As a designer, I visit all types of homes and gardens where I'm surrounded by allergy triggers like dust, pet dander, and pollen. I can't be at my best if I'm sneezing and rubbing my itchy, watery eyes, which is why I use non-drowsy Claritin."
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