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Tips For Decorating a New Apartment From Tom Delavan

Tom Delavan's Tips For a Starter Apartment

Allow us to set the scene — you just moved into a killer apartment (hooray!), but are in dire need of decorating direction. Luckily, Gilt Home Creative Director Tom Delavan can help. Aside from having interior design cred (you may remember him as Domino's former editor at large), Tom's new Gilt Home collection proves that his product design prowess is just as sharp. We caught up with him to get his top five tips — from furniture selection to layout — for getting settled in. Take it away, Tom!

  • Start With a Furniture Plan — Seriously
  • Get out the graph paper or use one of the many apps or software programs out there (like Icovia) to draw out your rooms to scale, and place the furniture you need.

  • Look For Pieces That Are Versatile
  • Your first apartment won't be your last, so try to go for standard sizes and styles that could make sense in other spaces. I really kept this in mind when designing the Gilt Home Collection — I wanted to create pieces that were versatile and accessible, easy to mix and match, and look great in any space.

    Keep reading for more of Tom's tips!

  • Quality Over Quantity
  • Buy a few good pieces, rather than many lesser-quality ones. Investing in great quality pieces that will last for years and years is definitely worth it.

  • Get Inspired!
  • If you don't know where to start, take a look at websites, blogs, and magazines that inspire you. Create a collection or inspiration board full of tear sheets or photos that you love that'll help give you ideas and a direction for how you want your space to look and feel.

  • Get Real
  • Be realistic about how you are really using your space. For example, if you eat in front of the TV every night, you may not need a large dining table, but you may need a great couch and a bigger coffee table.

    Thanks, Tom! We couldn't agree more. Now that you're inspired to spruce up your new abode, use these tips for spreading the style love to your work space, too. Be sure to check back in with us for more of Tom's shopping and styling tips!

    Photos courtesy of Patrick Cline, Gilt Home, and David Malosh

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