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Tips For Decorating Your Christmas Tree

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Source: Getty / Arnt Haug

Turn your Christmas tree into a showstopper thanks to Pier 1 Imports and these smart tips.

After picking out just the right holiday tree and managing to get it in your house and properly aligned in its stand, you're probably ready to toast the season and forget the drama of adding on the ornaments. Decorating a Christmas tree is a tradition that's unique to everyone, creating memories that last throughout the seasons. Whether it's your first time styling a tree or you just need a bit of tree-trimming motivation, cut the stress with these tips for decorating your tree like a pro.

  1. Make things easy: You may need to move your tree around while decorating, so make it easy and protect your floor by sliding a large square of cardboard or a round pizza pan under the tree stand. This way it will slide around as needed.
  2. Light it up: Start decorating with strands of lights, beginning at the base of the tree. Tuck the lights at the base of the tree, working all the way around your tree. And don't skimp on lights — the more, the merrier.
  3. Work in the round: Even if part of your tree is stuck in a corner, decorate all around to the very edge of the tree so every angle offers a sparkling glow. If an area is difficult to reach, gently pull out the tree so it is accessible.
  4. Pick a color scheme: You can stick with only white sparkling lights or accent with color, but think about a color scheme for your tree, such as blue or red, designating a main go-to color for decorating. You can accent with colored lights or even garlands later.
  5. Ornament love: It's a good idea to store your holiday ornaments all together — I have mine in a trunk tucked in the hallway closet, making it effortless to get everything out. Give your ornaments a quick check to make sure none are broken, replace hooks as needed, and discard any that are broken. You can even DIY a few of your own.

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  1. Go for the garland: Garland gives your tree another layer of definition, just like the lights did as a base for decorating. You can go with traditional garland ideas, such as ribbon, or string lengths of popcorn, cranberries, or even candy canes. Start the garland at the top of your tree and circle around until you hit the bottom. Take a step back and adjust as needed, creating an evenly wrapped tree. Secure in place with the help of floral wire as needed.
  2. Oh, the ornaments: Once your garland is in place, it's time for layering on the ornaments. Once again, you can stick with a theme based on color or even design style for a really unique tree. And layer the ornaments, starting at the base of the tree and working out. There's no actual set limit to how many ornaments to tree size, so go with your gut and edit as needed.
  3. Fill the gaps: Not all trees are perfect, which means you probably have a few gaps, so use the open space as a frame for featuring a special ornament or decoration. And think about open areas you might be able to see in the back of your holiday tree, filling those with ornaments too.
  4. Final touches: After you're satisfied with ornament placement, it's time for extras. But remember that too much tinsel or a heavy hand with fake snow can turn your carefully decorated holiday tree into a big mess. Use restraint — it's easier to add more than take away!
  5. Cover it up: Once you're finished with the final touches, cover the base of your tree with a tree skirt, which can be an old lace tablecloth or even a festive plaid blanket.
  6. Top it: Finish the decorating with a tree topper that fits with the theme of your tree, and then step back and enjoy all your work.

Looking for more tree-trimming ideas? Watch this video, and pin the how-to for later!

Image Source: Getty / Arnt Haug