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Assisted Living: DIY Dining Table Help

Assisted Living group member MandyWH is looking for tips for turning her salvaged door into a dining table:

Hey guys! I'm moving into an apartment with an actual dining room for the first time ever, and my husband and I want to DIY our own dining table out of an old door. We found an amazing salvage yard nearby with absolutely endless door options, and we're pretty psyched about the idea! But we're not exactly sure where to start. We're thinking about looking at Ikea for table legs and are debating whether we'll sand and paint the door we choose (something like the one at right, maybe), cover it with tempered glass, or just leave it more or less as-is (after cleaning it, of course!). Does anyone have experience with this type of project? Any ideas/suggestions/warnings?

To see my thoughts and offer your own,


I've never handled this sort of project personally, so I'm no expert. My immediate thoughts are that if your door has grooves or its surface is not entirely flat, you'll either need to use sturdy place mats or add a glass top to it. Second, you'll want to make sure the door handle openings are either sanded smooth or filled — they tend to be rough and unfinished. Lastly, while Ikea does sell table legs, I wouldn't go there. Table legs in general are not very expensive at all. You're more likely to find some with more character and quality if you shop from a place like, which has a great seletion. You can stain them to match your door, or you can find metal table legs at If you want to get really creative, you might consider using another salvaged item, such as outdoor urns and planters, as table bases instead. Whatever you choose, please share photos!

Anyone else have any suggestions? Share below. Have a question of your own? Be sure to post your photos and tales in the Assisted Living group!

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skigurl skigurl 7 years
Bluest, i hardly think they're being run of the mill by considering adding one manufactured element to this eclectic DIY project... as casa said, though, it might be super cool to make it a pedestal table and use something amazing for the pedestal in the middle...even if it was just a pedestal from an old table, like alinealive says you can probably buy on the cheap
manxy manxy 7 years
You can also find various table legs at most places that sell lumber. Lowe's carries them. I am sure Home Depot does as well. Check around where you are located. This way you could find some legs that might be more interesting and go with your table top better. It is fun to have one of a kind furniture!
alinealive alinealive 7 years
I love re-purposing salvaged items! I'd choose a door you can sand to use without a glass top - that way you maintain the feel of the old wood, which is wonderful. So it's better if it doesn't have many grooves or bumps. The door handle openings should be filled, and you can sand it down and finish it. There are wood-tone spackle-type fillers. Another idea is to paint them a whole other color. Anyway, I'd embrace the fact that your table top used to be a door and not really try to hide the openings.... I'd also recommend a rectangle-shaped door, instead of the curved top one in the picture... I've often seen tables for sale for very cheap because their tops were in terrible shape. I've bought a few just to use the legs for another project! Anyway, that's another idea for a source of legs.
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