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CoralAmber CoralAmber 8 years
Shazia wrote down the wallpaper number but the "team leader" was the one calling them out and double checking them! I knew Shazia would forget about the sink, but the team leader (can't remember her name) should have forseen that too. She could have stood around for 5 minutes or at least moved all the material away from the sink? They were trying to hang that mirror as time was called and I don't think they wanted it to be crooked on purpose, but I could be wrong on that point. I'm glad those guys on the other team stuck together because they just had personality clashes and time management problems, but Serge should have done something to make himself stand out in a good way. I heart Wisit and his shadow boxes and hate the mean Martha Stewart guy!
luv2blazy luv2blazy 8 years
The more I watch this show, the more I am convinced that I should apply. Shazia is a mess. I don't think the judges took into account her shadow box apples. She should have gone home. I can't wait for next week. Love the drama.
jennemmy jennemmy 8 years
I was a little disappointed. Yes, the budget was tight but I think we have seen amazing things out in the blog world where a true vision comes together on just a little money. Time may have been the biggest issue and I would rather have the contestants put out something fab with little money and more elbow grease. I was sure the set designer would turn out something bc I am sure set design is all about being "picture perfect". Looking forward to what comes next week.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 8 years
Andrea looks like Ricks mother, not his wife. And if she didnt want anyone to know she was married to him, why bring pictures? I love all the changes, the pop design challenge (laughed my booty off when andrea made the mercedes symbol, not a peace symbol) Wisit cracks me up!!!! Glade Serge went home, what was with the lopsided mirror on the floor? bizarre is right. I loved how preston took the high road, unlike his teammate $2000? WTF, that was crazy. BTW, i want a junkyard like that in my town!
Suzy-Cue Suzy-Cue 8 years
I LOVED it! I thought Shazia should have gone home. I also thought the challenge was tough and loved the pop design quiz. India's a little severe for my tastes and Kelly Krazy Klothes is just the best. Can't wait for next week and after only one episode this show has blown Design Star clean away.
Tech Tech 8 years
I love all the changes to this season, and think they really made a big difference--the great designers, the Pop Design (like the quickfire challenge!), Todd as mentor (he's so adorable but seems too nervous to be the host), and not making them design in little white boxes. And is it me or the editing, but do these characters--I mean contestants!--seem larger than life, a la Project Runway? And I love watching Shazia. Girl's a mess!
supercoolnat supercoolnat 8 years
Ugh, I miss this show! Long story short, but we've been getting free cable channels for a while, but over the summer we've lost a few, one by one. And of course Bravo was one of them. So sad. :( Time to convince my husband to pay for a full channel line-up!
ehadams ehadams 8 years
It seemed like half the designers are very experienced, and the other half are young and have no clue. I guess they want to mix it up, but it feels like the clueless ones are just filler that will go home first. I couldn't believe some of the mistakes these people made. I was glad Serge went home after his little rant about how he doesn't need to go to design school blah blah. Whatever- there's a reason these schools exist, to teach you the basics, which he clearly lacked. Although I thought Shazia might have deserved it more for her numerous mistakes: ordering the wrong wallpaper, soaking all the fabric, messing up the couch- and not even finishing her pop quiz, which wasn't even that interesting or difficult a design. Also, she annoyed me with her "brown" comment- like she was being racist against herself. Ugh. This show is ok, but after Project Runway it just feels loooong.
fleurfairy fleurfairy 8 years
I loved it and I think India is a perfect addition to the show. Kelly is as crazy fashion-wise as ever it seems. And Margaret Russell is always hard to please in that Editor-in-Chief way. I would NOT want to work for her. But she has amazing taste and always looks impeccably dressed. Jonathan just cracks me up. I think the "good" designers so far are Ricky Schroeder's wife ( sorry can't remember her name!), Kerry, and Wisit.
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