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Union Jack Decor

Commemorate the London Olympics With Home Decor Featuring the Union Jack

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The Union Jack flag is the official flag of the United Kingdom, and it's also an officially hot decorating must have during the 2012 London Olympics. Here's a little history, since most of us Yanks don't know the background on the flag. By the early 1700s the flag was called "The Union," and since it was flown from a jackstaff on Navy ships, popular legend has it that the flag got its full name, the Union Jack, from the jackstaff. When Northern Ireland became part of the United Kingdom in 1801, the St. Patrick's flag, a red diagonal cross on a white background, was added to the Union Jack, giving us the flag we have today.

Check out some of our favorite uses of this fab flag, as well as some great ways to bring the look to your home.

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