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Use Lemon Juice to Deodorize and Freshen Garbage Disposal

Casa Quickie: Freshen Up Your Garbage Disposal

Chances are your sink and garbage disposal worked overtime yesterday. To keep your garbage disposal smelling fresh, take half of a lemon and pop it into the disposal. I've found that using a lemon that's already been juiced works fine as well. Want to really combat potential odors? Try using half of a lemon followed by a handful or two of baking soda.

What surefire methods do you have for combating a malodorous disposal?

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Lucylou17 Lucylou17 6 years
The lemon- baking soda works for about 5 minutes....then....the disposal once again..smells like a decaying corpse.....I give up..just buying a new one....and will not use the new one......hate it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
carolynz carolynz 6 years
Any citrus- could just be the rinds, also ice cubes help- the coldness helps congeal any lingering grease/fat into solids that can then get ground up by the disposal and go down the drain. Gotta run the water really cold though!
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