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Use a Socket Wrench to Take Fan Blades Off of Unit to Clean

Casa Quickie: Take That Fan Down

Over time, dust, dirt, and grime can leave a layer of dirt on ceiling fan blades that can be quite unsightly, especially on high-contrast fans, such as this white one. If a fan is located close to a kitchen, chances are that the soiled blades are also coated with grease as well. I know: yuck.

Want to get your ceiling fan really clean? Forget the feather duster and turn to your toolbox. Use an adjustable wrench to unfasten the one to two nuts and bolts attaching each blade to the fan; then, let the blades soak in a sink of soapy water for about 10 minutes. Wipe clean, and reattach. Not only will your fan look, um, fantastic, but you'll also have the peace of mind that you're not dining or relaxing under a fan that's less than pristine.

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