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Useful Tools Around the House

Name This Tool!

We use them all the time and they're often essential to our DIY projects, but do you know the name of the inhabitants of your tool box? If you've got paint-covered overalls and a to-do list that would make Martha shudder, you'll probably ace this quiz.

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This little guy often helps assemble pieces of Ikea furniture. What is it?

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Perhaps the most well-used tool around the house, it is a must have in any DIYer's home.

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What is the name of this cutting tool?

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What kind of wrench is pictured here?

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What is this shiny object called?

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What are these guys called?

Join The Conversation
doogirl doogirl 7 years
6/6! This was pretty easy, but I'm the daughter of a farmer, these tools were commonly seen in my house growing up!
betty-kraker betty-kraker 7 years
PrincessLtrain PrincessLtrain 7 years
My dad used to carry bolt cutters in the car. HA!
lockandkey lockandkey 7 years
6/6 apparently I know more about tools than I thought I did.
Kimpossible Kimpossible 7 years
6/6 I do know tools... doesn't mean I use them very often though lol
ella1978 ella1978 7 years
I got a 5/6 too, but it's cause i slipped and clicked the one above hacksaw.. I don't even remember what it was... boo. Oh well.
mo_ri_ah mo_ri_ah 7 years
5 out of 6 isn't bad!
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