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Wallpaper Designed by Fine Little Day's 8-Year-Old Otto Dunker

Meet Otto Dunker, the 8-Year-Old Wallpaper Designer

The refrigerator in my childhood home had a wood panel façade to match the kitchen cabinetry and thus, it was not magnetic. So I was always seriously jealous of friends whose parents proudly displayed their Crayola masterpieces on their stainless steel refrigerators. When I came across the story of 8-year-old Swedish boy Otto Dunker, whose mother, founder of the designer brand Fine Little Day, turned her son's charming drawings of ships and mountains into actual wallpaper, I nearly died of envy! The thing is . . . I was never nearly as talented as this young star.Otto's wallpapers, Ohoy ($193) and Mountains ($193), are made of non-woven material and are stable, durable, and simple to hang. "Ohoy" features nine different sailing ships in black and white — including one with a castle built on deck! — waves, and a small lighthouse, while "Mountains" is a repeat of various simplistic snow-capped mountains in blue and white. The papers would no doubt look adorable in a little boy's room or a nursery, but they are quite sophisticated, so I'd love to use them in a powder room or even a kitchen. Better yet, you can order yours in pre-cut lengths to fit your wall exactly. And how cute is this? When asked how it is that he came to design wallpapers, Otto responded, "I like to draw a lot. I don’t think I’m so good at it, but my mother does. When I look at the wall with my ships on, I like that they are so many." What a talent!


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