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Wallpaper Sample Patchwork — Love It or Hate It?

Love It or Hate It? Wallpaper Sample Patchwork

After reading Summer Thornton's wallpaper tips Friday, I imagine some of you are feeling inspired to break out the wheatpaste and pick up a double-roll. If you have expensive taste like me (unfortunately), perhaps some of the wallpapers you lust after are still out of your budget. As Summer suggests, one option is to only wallpaper an accent wall. But I've just come across another that's worth considering.

In VTWonen magazine, this fuschia wall was covered with a border made from wallpaper samples. The benefit here is that wallpaper samples in general are free, or very inexpensive. This modern patchwork effect also creates a very statement-making look. Photographed by professionals here, I think it looks fabulous, even if it's not my style. But I have the feeling it would look more kitschy and novice than cool if I were to replicate it. Do you agree? Or do you just love it?

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