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Watch This Mom Kick-Start Her Daughter's Room Redo With Tools From Glidden® Paint

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Meet Jackie, a busy mom and new homeowner looking to create the perfect "big-girl room" for her preschooler, Coco. Jackie understands that while choosing the right color can be daunting, it's the first — and maybe even the most important — step in the decorating process.

Fortunately, Glidden® paint makes color selection easy, beginning with a simplified palette that includes only the colors people love to live with. Even better, with the My Image Inspiration tool, you simply upload a picture of something you like — art, furniture, fabric, anything really — and get a selection of color palettes to browse through, save, print, and share.

Check out this video to see how Jackie puts the My Image Inspiration tool to work for her daughter Coco's bedroom, and then visit to upload an image and try it yourself.