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Wedding Decor Pictures

13 Wedding Decor Detail Pictures You'll Regret Not Taking

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Image Source: Next To Me Studios

Flip through any wedding photo album from the last few years and you'll see more than just pictures of the happy couple and their guests. Couples want photos that capture every detail of their big day, from beauty shots of the venue right down to close-ups of the decor. Chris Trementozzi and his wife Jordan are wedding photographers based out of San Diego, and together they own Next to Me Studios. One of Chris's favorite parts of a wedding is to take photos of the wedding decor. "It all tells part of a story and helps fill it out really well. It adds a lot of dimension to the wedding day itself," he says.

After all of those months spent planning and creating the perfect look, your wedding day is likely to go by in a flash — and you'll want some kind of keepsake to remember all of the little things. To ensure you get this, Chris recommends you communicate with your photographer.

"I'll usually talk to the couples before their wedding and we'll kind of ask them about all the decor and things that they have and it there's any significance to or story behind what they're doing," says Chris. "They're making these choices and these arrangements and different experiences all kind of tie into the emotion and the feeling and the joy and happiness and how their wedding plays out for their story, for their day."

When it comes to what decor elements to focus on, he says you'll regret not asking your photographer to capture the following 13 things.

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