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gioisa gioisa 9 years
I love her work! Original, fun, fashiony, canidid, spontaneous. Everything a great wedding photographer should be. Love her bio pic. Someone I wold hire as I see her as laid back, approachable and a photographer I would want to spend my day with. JamieLeah526...what is that picture of yourself that you decided to show the world exactly? Weren't feeling too confident about your looks to post an image of yourself? Apparently your SIL didn't take MUCH better photos if you couldn't find to feel secure enough to share of yourself. Jessamyn was, as she should be as she is adorable!
notsomuch notsomuch 9 years
JaimeLeah526- This ones for you. Damn, it kinda sucks that you feel you need to bash someone on looks. could it be because you feel that way about yourself? It sucks that no matter what people do, what people say, or even what people look like- there is always that one idiot that has to put their rude 2 cents in. Jessamyn is not ugly. Shes very pretty ACTUALLY. This is a real cute picture she has up. It shows shes young, pretty, artistic (notice her with her cute attire, and the outside scenery?) You probably didnt notice, as you were too concerned about looks. Hopefully your going to read this. If I dont see a new post stating sorry, I will be sure to "private message" you this as well.
fashionguy fashionguy 9 years
i've been a fashion photographer for 20 years. Shot all over the planet for every magazine you can name. I normally don't involve myself with things such as this, but I felt compelled to respond to the post by Jaimal. Obviously, this person doesn't know squat about photography. It seems as though it's always the ones with no knowledge regarding a specific topic who voice negativity. This photographer's work, Jessamyn, is beautiful. End of story. She obviously has a great eye, as well as great knowledge and technical skills. Her "arty" work would stand up against anything myself, or any of my peers have had published internationally. And where the heck is the comment about the shot of the photographer coming from? This girl is cute, very cute. I think old Jaimal might take into consideration that a lot of arty, talented people live in a world where they don't focus on the shallow, material, views and attitudes most of the planet share. It's a shot of the photographer, that's it, you can tell she's beyond buying into the meaningless values most people thrive on. My opinion: This photographer rocks. She's a very talented photographer, a very cute person, obviously has her act together, and if, God forbid, I ever get married again, I'd hire her in a snap. Jaimal, maybe if your head wasn't stuck so far up a certain part of your anatomy you could see things a little more clearly. When you're in your 20th year of bringing home 200k a year as a photographer, then, maybe, just maybe, I'll take the time to consider the value of your opinion.
angelka angelka 9 years
Looking through such fantastic work makes me want to get married all over again! Her work is surprising, delightful, quirky, colorful ad illustrative. She sounds like a really fun person with such an upbeat personality! What a perfect artist and person to be photographing your wedding!!! I love her angles and her off-beat focal points. It is what makes her unique and bold. Photography is not a stagnant rule-imposing artform, hello! Thanks for the fantastic interview!
catmckin catmckin 9 years
I think Jessamyn is an excellent photographer. Her photographs are fresh, spontaneous, creative and beautiful. They truly have a modern and clean feel to them - I find her style really appealing. They remind me of pictures I've seen featured in magazines such as Martha Stewart Weddings. She has provided some valuable information in this interview which makes me respect her even more. Honestly, I think the picture of her is perfectly lovely and not deserving of such derisive remarks.
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 9 years
Honestly my SIL took our wedding photos and she's MUCH better than this girl. Her style is great and what she chooses to take photos of but I don't like the photos themselves. They just don't seem to work. Things that should be the focal point of the picture aren't and it's off center and just weird angles. I'm also put off by a photographer that has such a horrible photo of herself to show to the world. On a positive note, I love the name Jessamyn. Really pretty.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I love her work!
nancita nancita 9 years
Wow I really love her style. So artsy and edgy, yet casual at the same time.
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