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Answer for a chance to win an Amana® Jot™ Dry-Erase Refrigerator. You know your sign, which character you’re most like on your favorite show, and what kind of tree you are. But do you know what kind of kitchen appliance you are? We don’t think so. Find out and you’ll be automatically entered to win a Jot™ Dry-Erase Refrigerator from Amana! Even if you’re a dishwasher at heart.

To enter, just take our quiz below!

For official contest rules, click here.

myconscience myconscience 8 years
wow, another range.
jasmine68 jasmine68 8 years
where is the contest ?am i automatically entered by answering the questions/
rangrace rangrace 8 years
I'm a Range it says. Would Luv with a capital "L" to win this.
timbo81 timbo81 8 years
Range me!
bosslady2898 bosslady2898 8 years
I'm a range too! Woo Hoo!
sanacs23 sanacs23 8 years
I am a range,
smeltzeramy smeltzeramy 8 years
love it
mrsesquilo mrsesquilo 8 years
I'm WAY a range, LOL.
missybeetoo missybeetoo 8 years
I'm a range! Never been called that before!!!! :)
janeajlc janeajlc 8 years
I'm a range.
fluegas5 fluegas5 8 years
I'm a range! :) I feel more like a garbage disposal. :)
smokeykat smokeykat 8 years
I am a range too!
klp1965 klp1965 8 years
im a what im greasy and crusty?? lol PLEASE COUNT ME IN ON THIS AWESOME GIVEAWAY :)
lakegirl25 lakegirl25 8 years
Very fun Quiz! Thank you for the opportunity to enter for this amazing refrigerator!
candigrlme candigrlme 8 years
I'm a dishwasher. Very fitting - I have 4 children and it seems thats all I do around here.
kgonzo2 kgonzo2 8 years
I am a range (I hope I'm not avacado green or harvest orange!)
diddy18 diddy18 8 years
I am a range, could use one, my oven doesn't work.
Majority here: range.
rkasnick rkasnick 8 years
I'm a dishwasher...I've been told I'm all wet and that I get agitated it must be true :)
ellen85000 ellen85000 8 years
I'm a range! Thanks!!
lars2950 lars2950 8 years
I am totally a range :)
JRG JRG 8 years
I'm a range, just like most.
smarthayo smarthayo 8 years
batchicky batchicky 8 years
OK, I'm a range. With 6 kids, and a dry erase fridge, does that mean they will stop writing on my walls??
mkane26 mkane26 8 years
I'm definitely a 'range'!
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