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What's the Longest You've Lived in a Rental Apartment?

What's the Longest You've Lived in a Rental Apartment?

The recent New York Times article The Domestication of a Dive details writer Joel Hinman's 35 years of life in a fifth-floor Manhattan apartment. He first moved in with a housemate, and now, the father and husband lives in the same 2,500-square-foot apartment with his wife and young son — for less than $1300 a month.

A friend of mine lived in a San Francisco apartment for 12 years, and also reaped the benefits of living long-term in a rental: his six-bedroom apartment was ridiculously below market rate. Tell me: how long have you lived in a rental, and did you get to benefit from cheaper rent because of it?

Source: Flickr User drooooo

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