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What Paint Colors to Use on Your Front Door

The Best Paint Colors For a Front Door Makeover

The following post was originally featured on Decor Fix and written by Heather Freeman, who is part of POPSUGAR Select Home.

The fact that we are having the most glorious weather has me thinking about all things exterior for the first time this year. One of the fastest ways to amp up curb appeal is by painting your front door a fun and bright color.

Fastest unless you have painter's indecision . . .

It can seem like a big risk to choose a bold color for the entrance to your home. You know you want a change, but are nervous for the outcome.


What color should I choose?

Will I like it?

Will we be that weird house on the street people talk about??

Take a deep breath and keep reading. In this post you'll get . . .

1. A sidewalk tour of three homes in my neck of the woods that get it right with bright doors.
2. The best color families for your front door.
3. A researched round-up of 18 gorgeous paint colors for you to consider. (No more guesswork!)

Our neighborhood boasts some of the THE most beautiful historic homes with great big porches and brightly colored doors.

I might be slightly biased.

The owners of this gorgeous home around the block decided on a bright yellow against steely gray paint. With the white trim and red brick, it was the perfect choice. I like how they personalized their porch by adding the yellow "S" above the rocking chairs.

You see letters used (and often overused) in interiors, but this was the first time I saw it on a front porch. It's so unexpected, and I love it.

My friend Danielle chose this gorgeous poppy for her front door. If you look closely, you'll se that it is actually a screen door. Her front door has been left in the natural wood finish. I love how she chose to paint her drop leaf table to match. It adds that second punch of color. (Aren't you jealous of her front porch?)

Another friend of mine, Dana, chose this fun shade of green for her front door and shutters. She wanted to add some life to her ranch style home and decided to play with styles by adding a craftsman style door.

While she took a risk with an unconventional door style choice, I think it worked out beautifully. Because the green has yellow undertones that match the brick, it leads to a more monochromatic appearance.


1. Blues
2. Aquas
3. Greens
4. Yellows
5. Oranges
6. Reds

I've picked these six color families based on what I feel works best on most people's homes. (If you can pull off a purple door, more power to you. Most of us can't.)


A pop of color leading into your home can do these three things:

1. Infuse your personality into the exterior of your house in a meaningful but contained way.
2. Serve as a reference point for guests to spot you. ("We're the third house on the left with the bright yellow door!")
3. Add much needed contrast and color to a predominantly muted color palette.


There are thousands of great options to choose from, but I've collected some of the best paint colors for your front door to make things simpler.

1. Americana (Benjamin Moore)
2. Indigo (Sherwin-Williams)
3. Bold Blue (Benjamin Moore)

4. Wythe Blue (BM)
5. Blue Spa (BM)
6. Reflecting Pool (SW)

7. Parakeet (SW)
8. Great Green (SW)
9. Arugula Green (SW)

10. Fresh Butter (BM)
11. Decisive Yellow (SW)
12. Yellow Hibiscus (BM)

13. Yellow Marigold ( BM)
14. Navel (SW)
15. Rejuvenate (SW)

16. Fireworks (SW)
17. Red Tomato (Behr)
18. Stop (SW)


— Don't forget to ask for an exterior paint. Even if you are painting the inside of the door to match, you can still use it inside.
— Steer clear of a high gloss finish if you have an older door. A satin finish will hide imperfections much better than a glossy finish.
— Here are some really helpful tips on what supplies and method to use when painting an exterior door.


When I decided to paint our door orange, I did feel a bit nervous. Looking back, it was the best thing I did for our home that spring.

Orange isn't necessarily one of my favorite colors. In fact, you won't find it anywhere on the inside of the house. But for our existing finishes like the gray stone work, white trim, and chalky blue shutters, it works well.

I chose to only paint the exterior orange and leave the interior side of the door white. This is kind of a hot-button topic because some say you should always have the two sides of the doors match.

Well, I chose to break that design rule . . .

And there are no front-door-paint police coming to get me.

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