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What Type of Outdoor Living Area Do You Have?


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BeachBarbie BeachBarbie 9 years
The hubby and I live in a condo so, we have 4 balconies..and a little patch of grass outside our front door. lol We have community areas outside like a giant deck and boat docks. Basically, I feel like I have very little grass. lol Btw., we never would have bought this place if we had children..because, I would want them to have a big backyard to play. (Anyway, I've been procrastinating...I need to get flower boxes for the balconies.)
carlykenny1 carlykenny1 10 years
I have a fenced in side/front yard that has a deck and grass, and the back has grass, sand and a cement patio. Im soooo over the sand, the dogs just poop in it! I want a pond or something peacefull....
kimbit kimbit 10 years
I am lucky enough to live in a condo apartment with a huge private deck attached. It is the only one in the building so it is very private, I grow a lot of herbs and plants on it. Unfortunatly, it is still squirrel accessible :-( and they rip the heads off of any flowers, so only non-flowering plants!
zc zc 10 years
we have a uhuge garden , which is great for summer get togethers.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 10 years
I live in a townhouse that has an atrium between the house and the garage. It's a great place to let my cats enjoy some fresh air w/o having to worry about them. I've also taken showers in the rain and sunbathed in the nude. It's fantastic! ;)
kayamate kayamate 10 years
like rubialala, we also live in a condo, but we have a common roof deck. it's actually really awesome. we can see a really nice view of the city (philly) from there, including city hall. AND it's a great place to just hang out.
beingtazim beingtazim 10 years
i don't have an outdoor area at all! how sad.
Lyv Lyv 10 years
Well, there is the... um, beach. And the public gardens and the main avenue and stuff.
bizzybee bizzybee 10 years
Would love a private outdoor space, even a balcony but I don't. It's on my wish list for someday.
jen22 jen22 10 years
I have a yard and a court yard at the side of the house.
libs1dlab libs1dlab 10 years
I have a big yard that is full of weeds and desperately in need of landscaping. We are budgeting for a new fence next summer. I managed to plant some trees this year. It is a work in progress.
sugarbecky sugarbecky 10 years
I have a tiny little apartment deck that about two people at a time will fit on, and I'm on the 2nd floor, so no yard. One day...
The-City-Girl The-City-Girl 10 years
I'm so lucky that I have a huge deck overlooking a pretty garden--in the middle of San Francisco! It's amazing to be in the heart of the city yet have all that greenery and outside space :-D
davie-k davie-k 10 years
a balcony, with two sun loungers and I'm plant collecting right now!
karisaamy karisaamy 10 years
We have a good sized yard with a new deck that my husband installed in May. I love it, it's made out of trex-like material so all we have to do it hose it off when the dog gets it muddy.
cageyme cageyme 10 years
It's actually a slab of cement surrounded by scraggly grass and plants that keep dying because the dog keeps trashing them. We do have a bird feeder that attracts lots of pretty birds, though.
kungfubunni kungfubunni 10 years
we have a nice big yard that we will build a new patio/deck on next year. and a screened in front porch with a ceiling fan! i love it!
JaimeLeah526 JaimeLeah526 10 years
I have a deck and a yard. I love them both. Outdoor living is amazing.
PinkPineapple PinkPineapple 10 years
I have a yard with a pool. Would love to have a beautiful garden but the desert won't cooperate!!
rubialala rubialala 10 years
None, sigh, we live in a condo.
vinnie vinnie 10 years
I have a strip of grass behind the apartment that I share with 5 neighbors and 5 dogs (pew!)
bhilb bhilb 10 years
I have a nice little deck on the roof of my building--it's shared space, though.
TexasTwinkle TexasTwinkle 10 years
Large yard with covered patio and outdoor kitchen. We are drawing up plans to build a pool waterfall and outdoor fireplace. Love it!
chatty-smiles chatty-smiles 10 years
Have a big yard with a patio out it..
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