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Win the New Sony® VAIO® T in Our Back to School Pinterest Contest

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Extra-long sheets for your dorm room bed? Check. Shower caddy, sandals, and monogrammed towel for the community bathroom? Check. Breakfast at Tiffany's-inspired eye mask so you can sleep alongside two busy-as-bees roommates? Check. While you're adding all these college-bound items to your pin board on Pinterest, don't forget to add the most important back-to-school must have to your collection — an elegantly designed laptop that’ll power your imagination. The new Sony® VAIO® T Ultrabook™ is thin and light, so it won't weigh you down while you're running across campus to Comm 101. This laptop could be yours by entering Sony VAIO's Back-to-School Must Haves Pinterest Contest.
To Enter:

  1. Follow @Sony on Pinterest
  2. Create a Pinterest Board titled "Back-to-School Must Haves"
  3. Build out your board with all your "Back-to-School Must Haves" including at least one Sony product
  4. Hashtag each of your pins with #Sony
  5. Leave a comment on this post with a link to your "Back-to-School Must Haves" board

Good luck!

Official Rules

Sue14737946 Sue14737946 4 years
Would like any help for my grandchildren going back to school.
melssnapshots melssnapshots 5 years
my son is getting ready to go off to college and my daughter is a first year teacher so doing the back to school must have is right up my alley. Winning a sony vaio would be absolutely awesome
Lois5150 Lois5150 5 years
Here's My Back to School must haves board.
Creslan2981642 Creslan2981642 5 years
Here's My Board. Thanks!
emmybear411 emmybear411 5 years
My back to school must haves:)!!!   THANK YOU SO MUCH:D!!!  
Amy2968076 Amy2968076 5 years
Going back to school after a very long absence....hope you enjoy looking as much as I did creating!!  Thank you for the chance to win a laptop!!  
crystalmoon crystalmoon 5 years
I had SO much fun with this! Here's my board:
nort4short nort4short 5 years
Back to school MUST HAVES
sweetpuppylove12 sweetpuppylove12 5 years
My Bach to school must haves board:
Kim2965594 Kim2965594 5 years
Great contest! Here's the link to my board:
lorides lorides 5 years
my board
tresjody tresjody 5 years
klmb318 klmb318 5 years
Great contest, thanks for the opportunity. Here is the link to my board:
CDUKE44 CDUKE44 5 years
Here is my board
Melinda2962364 Melinda2962364 5 years
Here's my board!
Debbie2960663 Debbie2960663 5 years
I could certainly use one!
Alicia2959688 Alicia2959688 5 years
It was fun putting the board together.
Ed2958668 Ed2958668 5 years
Great contest! Thanx! Here is my board
kkriefall kkriefall 5 years
Always fun to shop Sony!
raeraek raeraek 5 years
I LOVE Sony.
April2937527 April2937527 5 years
here is my board
Slyder0244 Slyder0244 5 years
A Sony Vaio is a must have for sure
barbesb barbesb 5 years
sweeper sweeper 5 years
Here is my board:
Ronna2928711 Ronna2928711 5 years
I love Sony products, and I would love to win the Sony VAIO T Ultrabook!
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