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An Alligator Behind the Sofa: Have You Found Creatures in Your Home?

According to the BBC, a woman in Parauapebas, Brazil, found an alligator behind her sofa — she discovered it when her 3-year-old son patted it on its head. The alligator apparently made its way into her home after heavy rains flooded her house. I've had mice in my house, and in Texas found a dead rattlesnake under my bed (seriously!), but an alligator? I'm speechless. What members of the wild kingdom have made it inside your abode?

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katiekat95 katiekat95 6 years
When we were young my sister woke up one night with a hamster on her pillow (we didn't have a hamster haha). Must have been a neighbors.
queenofgreen queenofgreen 6 years
We live on the border of Mexico, so we have found centipedes, tarantulas, scorpions, lizards and stray neighborhood cats that occasionally sneak in when we leave the door open in mild weather. One particularly clear memory is when we took about an hour to chase a two foot long lizard out of the house. He was long and slender and impossible to catch.
namitsunami namitsunami 6 years
A rat climbed out of our toilet one night, after a week of heavy rain in our town. Thankfully, our cats found it and chased it, making enough to wake us up. It's pretty awesome though to see your cat playing whack-a-mole with a rat in a toilet--every time it tried to scramble out, she smacked it back in!
Julia-Millay-Walsh Julia-Millay-Walsh 6 years
A bat flew into my house once. I think that's about it for me.
jennythereader jennythereader 6 years
That would freak me out! Although, it reminds me of this song ( from SJ Tucker.
kimmieb124 kimmieb124 6 years
No live creatures, but one day I unfortunately came home to a dead bird that my dog had found in the backyard and brought inside.
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