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Wrapping With Craft Paper

Last night I started the long process of wrapping gifts for friends, family, and future in-laws. Does anyone else forget how time-intensive this process is between holidays? I sure do. There's the Scotch tape stuck to the side of the coffee table, the misplacing of ribbon, and the wrestling with the long roll of gift wrap that insists on curling itself up again. Not that fun, even when you're watching the fourth season DVD of The Wire.

I should've stuck to recycling grocery bags like I did last year, when I made my own wrapping paper with grocery bags, similar to those that AmberHoney made. The size is so much easier to handle, and the process is more creative and fun. I recently stumbled upon some gorgeous grocery bag wrapping paper that designer Danny Seo came up with. This cool gift wrapping DIY that not only uses grocery bags, but also makes them look positively retro-chic in the process.

Danny suggests the following deck the haus DIY:

  • Rip open a grocery store brown paper bag and wrap a gift so the unprinted side shows on the outside of the box.
  • Cover the package in office supply store stickers.
  • Tie it all up with wool yarn in festive colors.
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