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Are You a Pet Person?

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bunny4925 bunny4925 9 years
My kids are all grown up, my dog is my baby and always will be.
Schaianne Schaianne 9 years
Dogs, cats, fish ... I'd have a whole zoo if hubby would let me! ;)
Leopardcc Leopardcc 9 years
3 cats--wish there were more! :meow:
Shoe-Diva Shoe-Diva 9 years
I have one cat at the moment, but plan to get a dog soon too. I would love to get a Newfoundland...they are so beautiful. :dog:
littlemissme littlemissme 9 years
I've never had a pet but I would love to have a pug soooooo much!
jennag07 jennag07 10 years
We have 2 cats, one dog and a goldfish. A home to me just isn't a home without some sweet 4 legged creatures around.
CoolLikeThat CoolLikeThat 10 years
We have a Doberman and a box turtle. The turtle thinks it is a dog though, he sleeps on our Doberman's bed and eats the dog food too.
ssteyer ssteyer 10 years
I have a mini-Lop earred rabbit named Pepper. He sleeps in bed with my husband and me. I love him very much!
licia licia 10 years
Other - my ferret, Tikki! :D He's a handful but I love him to death! We have several family pets too.. a spoiled shitzu and 3 kittens.
Misalady Misalady 10 years
I have four pets: Murray, our part pekingese/part pug dog, and our cats Joey, Parker, and Friday. Joey is a rather large grey cat (he's almost as large as our dog). The other two cats are quite small. They're still fairly young (they about four months old), but I don't think they're going to get much bigger. Their mother was very small, too. We adopted Murray first, from the Humane Society. He's been with us for almost five years and, of course, nobody knows for sure, but we think he's 13 or so. Joey was adopted, also from the Humane Society, as a kitten. He's now almost four years old. And, of course, the babies are babies. We rescued them before they were taken to an animal shelter - they were my mother's cat's kittens. We were going to take one and give the other to one of my husband's co-workers. We ended up keeping both of them and taking a third one to the co-worker. I'm so glad we did. They play so well together and are just a blast to have.
IaBlMeanie IaBlMeanie 10 years
We have always had cats. I just adopted my first cat-all for me-about 3 years ago. None of the cats we had were ever "my" cat but guess who did the majority of the dirty work. Now I have 2 4 month old kittens, they are doing very well but those sharp little claws are doing numbers on my legs and hands. They just don't know their own strenght. But I love them dearly.
torinado torinado 10 years
I love animals! i have a dog a bird and fish. and i might be getting horses too!
kelsee kelsee 10 years
kelsey6 kelsey6 10 years
I have a big poodle named Bailey who thinks he's either a cat or a person, but never a dog!
rubiesymusica rubiesymusica 10 years
love my dog gordo and all my others RIP (see my album) but when i have my own place i know i will end up with a couple! :)
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 10 years
Got one dog - Holly Would love to get her a brother or sister though... ;)
nopenope nopenope 10 years
Other, since there was no option for cat and dog person and I also own turtles, koi. Two cats Two dogs Four aquatic turtles Koi and various fish
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 10 years
dh931- that's funny you say that b/c my mom was knocked to the ground by a dog, and she broke her hip.
mudnessa mudnessa 10 years
I have two cats and a bunch of reptiles . . . a salamander, two red eared slider turtles, a box turtle, a green iguana, a king snake, a corn snake, a fire skink, three whites tree frogs, a rose haired tarantula, a local species of desert tarantula that the complex exterminator found on a call and brought to me, a ball python, and 5 goldfish that were suppose to be feeders but never got eaten so they were moved into their own tank . . . i think that's all, oh and a husband . . . ;)
PJ-PJ-PJ PJ-PJ-PJ 10 years
I was never allowed to have pets in the house, when I lived with my parents. When I got married, we got a lab. Her name is Savannah (see my icon). She was the sweetest dog I have ever encountered. She never gave us any trouble at all. She refused to fetch or swim, though. I know, Labs are supposed to do that. I don't know what she was actually thinking, but when we would try to get her to, her attitude & facial expression suggested that she thought she was the Princess of all Labs & fetching & swimming were beneath her. She left that to the "worker" labs. My cousin called her Scarlett, because she was Southern prissy thing! It was our fault, but you couldn't help but spoil her. Unfortunately, she died of pancreatic cancer almost two years ago. We still miss her terribly & haven't been able to get another pet. Thank God my husband talked me into getting her, though. Otherwise, I would have missed out on that daily blessing that only pets can give.
MamaD MamaD 10 years
I will always have a dog if not 2 or 3. I only have one at the moment...Princess Maya Papaya!!!! Maya is a real sweetie now that she's an only child. My best dog ever, Little Man died of old age 2 years ago...still can't really talk about it. A year ago January my mom's dog, Baby, got cancer and died. I took her in when my mom died suddenly 5 years ago. Maya is an alpha female so she's doing much better not having to keep other dogs in line!!! She was so mean to them!!! Now she's sweet and loving! She's nine already and when the day comes and it's inevitable it will, I will get another. Probably a chihuahua. Maya and Little Man are beagles and Baby was a shih-tsu. As I get older I want a dog I know I can handle. Not one that'll knock me to the ground and break my hip!!!
ducks ducks 10 years
Cat and dog.
MrsJigglesworth MrsJigglesworth 10 years
7 dogs
nlw nlw 10 years
I have a Jack Russell terrier, who is the smartest dog in the world and a Rat Terrier, who is the dumbest dog in the world!
pargie pargie 10 years
I have one cat..Norman J., and another kitty soon! I plan to adopt a dog, post-kids.
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